Kudos to the South Bend Police Department and Chief Eastham for their investigation into another case of sexual assault of two local children. Hopefully this case, too, will end in the prosecution of another sexual predator. Getting these lowlife creeps off the street is an important step in protecting our little ones.

However, it’s sad that the children in Raymond do not have the same assurance that their molesters will be arrested and prosecuted. Apparently, Chief Spoor does not put as much value in protecting the children of Raymond.

A 3-year-old Raymond preschooler was allegedly molested over five months ago, with additional evidence of a cigarette burn on her leg. When the mother recently asked about the progress of the investigation, she was informed by RPD that they were not doing anything. It was insinuated that Chief Spoor believed the 3-year-old made up the story for attention. How does a 3-year-old “make up" a third-degree cigarette burn!

From preschool bus, to drop off at daycare — where did that burn come from? What about the mean woman, the bad man who hurt her, the wolf dog, and the closet? The nightmares and fears are too real! The cigarette burn was real; the scarring evident! The descriptions of the incident are detailed and constant, never wavering in occurrence.

Chief Spoor is negligent in his lack of performance of a thorough investigation into the assault and molestation this three year old child.

If others have similar experiences, please contact me c/o the Willapa Harbor Herald. Maybe together we can get satisfaction.



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