This 4th of July will be a catastrophe covid-19 infection-wise, nationwide and locally. Why? Because you add alcohol to the mix and all bets are off — impaired judgment guaranteed. To think that the police will enforce masking and social distancing is such a stretch as to be laughable. If you have crowds of people, how many calls can the police answer? Add the fireworks nightmare and they are pretty much Missing In Action or too busy. Add potential fires? All hell will break loose.

The local leaders from county officials to city officials pressured by businesses gave in and they will not pay the bill, nor the pain and suffering. We need leadership — one voice, a stern voice. We have all witnessed past Fourth of July mayhem. One year it was out of hand — I saw people even lighting those candles inside a balloon and letting them go. I mean can you get any more stupid than that in a dry summer with a lot of material that can get burned? About the fire department — didn't they have an old water tank truck that needed replacement? How many homes have access to fire hydrants in the Peninsula? Not many.

All in all, allowing fireworks and an open beach is the most irresponsible of decisions. It demonstrates so much impotence, not being able to find good leaders that consider the peninsula a wildlife sanctuary for migrating species and take good care of it. We have birds from all over the world that come nest here and you want to have a World War of fireworks (a lot illegal) to scare them to death, plus all the pets, the humans with PTSD and the elderly. All will be bothered by constant dump explosions over and over and over.

Bad leadership, bad decisions and it will be hell to pay come election time. If you are an incumbent, kiss your gravy train goodbye. If your decision brings disease and death to the Peninsula, you must assume the responsibility.



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