The Willapa Valley School District is running a levy in the April 27 election. The proposal is a four-year levy collecting $544,171, which works out to approximately $1.71 per $1000 on current assessed value. If approved by voters, the levy would be collected in 2022, 2023, 2024 and 2025.

If property values in the Willapa Valley School District go up, the rate per $1,000 will go down. The district cannot collect more than the approved amount during this four-year period.

In addition, if the levy is approved, the district will be able to collect Local Effort Assistance (LEA) equalization funds, adding $131,575 from the state.

Local levies are important to school districts as they allow local choice in services to students. Most school funding from state and federal sources is earmarked and must be used in specific ways, but levy dollars may be used for the programs and supports students and parents need and want most.

In Willapa Valley, we have used levy dollars to support hiring of our full time school counselor in 2016; it pays for some of our para-educators who provide support in the classroom and student services; it pays for our preschool, our athletic programs and extra-curricular activities; it pays for elementary field trips and after school classes and tutoring. These are all services that support our students’ success.

Levy failures set back a district and take years to recover from. This is a critical time for our district, and I want to make sure our community knows that. It is time for voters to decide exactly what they want Willapa Valley Schools to look like in the future, because their vote now will determine that later.

My family has lived in the Willapa Valley community for over 30 years, and my own children graduated from Willapa Valley schools. I desire to see the proud tradition of Willapa Valley continue on into the future, so I am asking each person in the Willapa Valley School District to reach out to me with their questions and their concerns. Problems cannot be addressed if they are not heard and misunderstandings cannot be cleared up if they are not voiced.

I am very proud of our school district. I know the great work we have done in the past. I see the great work we are doing now. I know the school board has created strong plans for the district in the future. My hope is that our district will survive and thrive and continue to help students learn, grow and develop into successful citizens of our community.


Willapa Valley Superintendent


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