I wanted to thank you for two of your writers in your June 3 section of Peninsula Life.

I have been so touched by Patrick Webb's chronicles of his visits home to England to see his mother. So many of us have been through a similar journey, watching a beloved parent decline, adjust and eventually pass on. I was so sorry to read in his latest piece, "Covid Hits Home for English Expatriate," that Mr. Webb's mother passed away and he could not even attend to mourn at this time. Of course I am sorry for his personal loss, but also am sad I won't read anymore of his journeys home. The details about their English life were wonderful as was his description of his Mum. I truly loved this series. Thank you.

My high school friend, David Campiche, is a regular contributor. I enjoy his pieces about nature. As he discussed in another piece about Ilwaco High School days, we had a ruthlessly tough English teacher for four years in high school, Gloria Hause. She demanded so much of us and took the time to grade the endless papers we were assigned. The editorial criticism paid off for most of us, particularly David. whose fine piece about the South Bay Unit of the Willapa National Wildlife Refuge was excellent. I truly did not understand the project, commendable as I found it until I read this. I loved the pictures and the piece.

Thank you for some grace in this time of political fracas.



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