It looks as though I have some unanswered questions from the audience, pertaining to last month’s rip from Scot Calhoun. He didn’t like my prior letter very much and chose to break a new barrier of personal attack. Because I already used his attack letter to line my catbox, from memory I believe he called me uneducated, poor, in need of a brain scan, and his patriotism was none of my business.

A week later I was encouraged to read Mr. James Joyce quote Ben Franklin, and while he duly delivered a well-deserved spanking to Scot, it only leaves me a few things to wrap up.

I’m happy to share some sources, but they’re not from the liberal dark web, instead just books. It was one of those AHA moments in "The 5000 Year Leap" when W. Cleon Skousen said (and I'm paraphrasing) that "every generation has a tendency to reinvent society," and I recommend this book the most. Also, "Decision Points" has the immigration reform package scenario I referred to last time. Another illustrious author with mastery of the English language like no other is Ann Coulter, with about a dozen books in the last 20 years. Go ahead and google Nir Shaviv, astrophysicist and chairman of the Racah Institute of Physics, and he’ll explain why climate change pseudoscience is more complicated while at the same time more benign than what we’re led to believe.

Oh, and last night on TV (of all places), even the producer of the new movie "Midway" said that patriotism was about country over politics. I don’t believe he meant a wishy-washy "whatever I feel it is."

About the brain scan, I’m sure other studies show different results for every type of person and response. The real paradox is the people with the highest degree of insight (Washington, Jefferson, Adams, etc.) designed a system for people meant not to be subjugated on an interpretation of their intelligence. Each time they bring it up, I call it "liberal elite subjugation." Clahoun is in good company as Hillary called us a "basket of deplorables," too.

"The 5000 Year Leap" is a collection of our Founding Fathers' written thoughts for then and now, along with the author’s dialogue in between. If you want to discuss society’s problems, mine is on the basis of what our Founding Fathers wrote. They are the ones I trust. The answers have been there all along. So if having a library is uneducated, having the founder’s baseline for democracy and society is wrong, and trust being scarce using instinct instead — then I’m guilty.



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