In this year of election, we all need to be careful about how and for whom we vote. There appears to be a political party that promotes the destruction of the values of God and country that were formed by the founders of our country. They want to remove our motto ‘In God We Trust’ and destroy the history by removing all statues.

Instead of removing and destroying these statues of history, they should be removed to a museum with a plaque explaining the meaning. If future generations never learn what happened, they will be unable to recognize and prevent any unwanted situations from happening again. The freedom to bear arms and to speak out is not free. Patriotic military heroes paid for this right. However, the freedom to protest does not include violence.

As a bad example, the mayor of Seattle used her position to empower criminals. By giving violent people a protected area to destroy and steal from businesses and to kill people, one of which was a 19-year-old boy. Then she planned to spend a ‘summer of love’ with these criminals. That is, of course, until she felt threatened. Then she evacuated the area and brought police back to the area.

Also alarming are the cities that are removing funds from the police force. What protection do we have if our guns and our police protection is taken away? Over Father’s Day weekend, more people were killed in Chicago as a result of violence than from covid-19.

It is my opinion that we need to open our businesses, open our schools and return our civil right to make our own decisions based on how this virus is affecting us. Instead of promoting estimations of doom and gloom, post efforts that can be taken to protect ourselves, our family and others. Document a guideline of what can be done and let each of us choose what is best for us.

Question mainline media, research what you hear and listen to all information and their sources.

Oh, last but not least, I am proud of the woman who confronted a local grocery store owner and had a sign taken down that was not legal!


Long Beach

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