Retired judge endorses retaining Richter

I am unequivocally endorsing Don Richter to continue to serve as your Superior Court judge. As the previous Superior Court judge for Pacific and Wahkiakum counties I have watched Judge Richter perform the responsibilities of that position with intelligence, patience and hard work. I see no reason to replace someone with Don’s combination of experience and youthful vigor coupled with his demonstrated commitment to fairness for all who come before him.

His commitment to drug court has been complete and the results speak volumes of his methods and fairness.

Judge Richter came to the position by a governor’s appointment. These always involve a very thorough investigation but this one was staffed by one of the governor’s attorneys, South Bend native Tip Wonhoff. There can be no doubt that the investigation revealed what the lawyers and judges of Pacific County already knew about Donald Richter: that he is hard-working and talented, honest and intelligent and, just as importantly, a professional with the demeanor necessary to treat all litigants with dignity.

The position of Superior Court Judge is incredibly important to justice in our part of the state. So, when I realized that my time to retire had come, I thought long and hard about the future of the position. And I was very pleased when I contacted Don to find that he was interested. Don was not a social friend, but I had always admired his professionalism. And I knew him to be a consummate professional prosecutor; he understood the necessity of mastering the rules of evidence. And after a lot of hard work he has mastered that goal. Likewise, his understanding of criminal procedure and complicated sentencing guidelines for Superior Court is very impressive. Just as important was the sensible and even-handed way in which he applied all these legal skills.

As this campaign has proceeded, I would have to say that we have become friends and I have come to truly admire Judge Richter’s grit and youthful energy. With family obligations including seven children (and another on the way!), church obligations and his other community activities, he still is doing an excellent job of discharging the never-ending responsibilities of a judge for our two counties.

Without a doubt there is no more important vote you will cast this November for our Superior Court judge. Yet for many of you this may be a difficult decision considering lack of information about the candidates. I urge you consider what I have said here but also to contact people you know in the legal system and ask about Judge Richter. He is by far the best choice for the position and I hope you join me in voting for him. If you wish to discuss his candidacy do not hesitate to call me at 360-642-4504.


Long Beach

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