Soon we will be casting our votes for Pacific County Superior Court judge and I would like to encourage each of you to vote for Donald Richter. He is newer to the community and many of you might not have had the pleasure to meet him yet, please let me introduce Don to you.

As our current Superior Court judge, he has all the attributes a voter could ask for in a judge: ethical, knowledgeable, good judicial temperament, leadership ability, civic and professionally responsible, good communication skills, moves the court along, respected and the list goes on and on.

However, I met Don in a very different place where I got to know and respect him. We met a few years ago in the 4-H goat/sheep barn at the Pacific County Fair, while our children were showing animals.

If anyone has ever worked with their children to accomplish a goal, you know that it is an exercise in love and patience. I am the mother of two boys who are very different due to a medical condition that altered one of my son’s life forever. Don’s sons and mine were the only children showing animals so we decided to divide and conquer. Don took his sons and mine to start the jobs related to barn duty. It became apparent quickly that one of my boys did not react in a cognitive age appropriate manner. As a mother, these situations can be very hard and people do not always react in a very nice way. I held my breath as I watched Don start to realize that the boy he was talking to did not understand, nor could he. What happened next brought tears to my eyes. This man who didn’t have to, analyzed the situation, processed the differences and adjusted his expectations to meet the needs of my son. Because Don was capable of seeing things differently than the presentation, he was able to give my son the ability to function alongside a normal situation without making him feel different or that he did not fit.

You may ask why I tell you this story, since it has nothing to do with Don’s qualifications to be a lawyer or judge. I tell you this because I have worked for Pacific County for the last 30 years and worked with some very amazing people. I see how the offices and departments run. I know what has worked, but have an open enough mind to understand that change sometimes is necessary. Don has brought so many great qualities to the office along with his ability to look beyond the obvious to find the right solution to the problem.

Superior Court functions efficiently under Judge Donald Richter and the people of Pacific County get a more proficient court system. Please consider voting with me and continuing to keep the Honorable Judge Donald Richter as our Superior Court judge.



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