Over the years, the issue of Long Beach annexing Seaview has persisted. Now we are hearing about new annexation discussions that will lead to lots of promises to “make things better” for Seaview.

But what do the Seaview residents need that they don’t already have? My wife and I have very much enjoyed being part of Seaview since 2005. We see no need to be entertained with promises of “making things better,” because over the years Pacific County services have consistently met our expectations. In addition, many of our neighbors have also called upon Pacific County services and each has had a good experience. In our case, we experienced a home invasion by an intruder who broke into our home through a second-story bedroom window. Yes, the event was frightening, but we called 911 and in less than 15 minutes the Pacific County Sheriff officers were at our door and scouring the neighborhood for the intruder. The officers were very professional and thorough in their investigation from taking a detailed report to lifting fingerprints. This type of service cannot be forgotten and only reinforces our overall belief that Seaview is just fine like it is.

We do not support any action that would threaten the quality of life that we currently enjoy in Seaview. This includes any efforts by Long Beach to annex Seaview.

We strongly encourage our Seaview friends and neighbors and all Seaview homeowners to attend the Seaview Community Town Hall meeting to be held in Ilwaco this Saturday, June 29, at 10:30 a.m. at the Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum.



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