Dear Seaview residents and friends,

My mother and father were vigilant protectors and defenders of their beloved Seaview, as were many others. For decades, citizens attempted to save as much Seaview beachfront as possible. During the beach disputes, John was often the mouthpiece. Val did the organizing and fundraising. For the most part they were successful. Today, anyone can see that from the Seaview approach south, the beach and the adjacent State Parks lands remain free of development.

My parents were also steadfast on another point: they wanted to preserve their quiet and mostly residential neighborhood of Seaview with its unique character and beauty.

Don’t get me wrong. The city of Long Beach is well run. David Glasson and the council are respectable humans and effective councilors. Years ago, I served on the Long Beach City Council. I learned this: none of us can predict in 20 years, how any agreement we make today might be reshaped.

If Seaview were to annex into Long Beach, what might the long-term association mean? What could, with absolute certainty, prevent the development of the Seaview dunes?

Years ago, on a handshake, the Williams family sold their Seaview water company to Long Beach with a promise that water rates would remain equal between the two communities. Time reshaped that. To Seaview residents, rates are double compared to those of Long Beach. Time has a habit of reshaping agreements and handshakes. And that is what troubles me.

I’m pleased with the level of protection from the county. They remain diligent. The job, with somewhat limited resources, lives up to a high standard and matches, at least to my way of thinking, expectations.

This is to say: I remain happy with the status quo. I see nothing broken that requires fixing.

Can’t we just remain good neighbors? I pray so.

Your neighbor,



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