For 93 years our family has owned and operated our home in Seaview as a vacation rental business. Purchased in 1927, it was originally called Fisher’s Ocean View Cottages, consisting of seven rentals. It currently consists of two rentals known as Hewitt House and guests have visited annually over multiple generations from as far away as Italy.

Our home is a historical building built in 1887 as a summer destination for J.K. Gill. We have meticulously maintained and updated this beautiful home, and it is an asset to the community.

We have literally invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into our home and the surrounding economy over the past 93 years. We pay taxes, utilize local businesses for yard maintenance, landscaping and house cleaning. We purchase materials locally and hire local contractors. We have invested in the restoration of the North Head Lighthouse and have been members of the Long Beach Visitors Bureau for many years. Our guests pour much needed dollars into the local economy.

Why then are a small group of individuals working to eliminate all vacation rentals in Seaview and other unincorporated areas in Pacific County by not allowing us or anyone else to sell our homes as a vacation rental? Why is the county increasing our annual fees from $100 to $760 per rental? Who else is facing a 760% increase in taxes?

The sheriff has never been called to our home, we have never had a nuisance call, and we hear nothing but praise from our immediate neighbors. After 93 years of being a vacation rental, why is the county taking away our property rights?

When Hewitt House came into our family, there were no R-1, R-2 nor RR zoning designations in Seaview. Seaview has developed around us. But now our heritage and the historic significance is threatened due to the changes in Ordinance 184C that will eliminate vacation rentals in unincorporated areas in Pacific County over time. Where is the harm?



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