In response to the Letter to the Editor “Drug Court is a Shining Success in Reducing Recidivism":

Legal definition of recidivism: "A tendency to lapse into a previous pattern of behavior, especially a pattern of criminal habits."

Alternate thoughts: The Pacific County agencies that are supplying the data are the same that are trying to support the funding for their programs. We all believe that the children and elderly relations of the offenders truly need the counseling services and support — no argument.

Does the opioid drug crisis national statistics fit into your narrative? Decades ago, programs similar to these made no impact on the safety of our communities.

Please check with neighbors in your village. I am certain that every person residing here will admit, at some levels, that there are more drugs, thieves and code enforcement infractions than ever before in Pacific County.

Actions speak louder than words. It is easy to cite data in support of failed programs. A better use of taxpayers' money would be a well-staffed county undercover drug task force, with canine support. This is a tried and true approach for keeping us safer.

What has been learned with 30 years in public safety is that when there is a strong presence of law enforcement in our communities, crime goes down. Actions can be as simple as fix-it tickets for motor-vehicle infractions. This approach notifies both residents and visitors that we are serious about maintaining a law-abiding community.

Let’s thank local law enforcement, always, for their service. The most recent National Law Enforcement Appreciation Week concluded May 18.



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