A response to Wally Foster's Feb. 13 letter to the editor:

Thank you for picking up your daily large bags of trash. We live in Klipsan and I keep garbage bags in my Jeep, which are used to pick up trash along the roads and beach.

As part of the Grass Roots Garbage Gang, we have participated in the quarterly beach cleanups for over a dozen years now. One reason you may see more cleaners near beach approaches is there is usually more debris there due to higher tourist activity. As volunteers sign in at the beach accesses, they are directed to areas as needed. I am one of several who drive from Surfside to Beards Hollow picking up filled bags and there are actually people cleaning all up and down the beach. Volunteers come from several local schools, the Naselle Youth Camp, weekenders from Seattle or Vancouver, neighborhood associations, private families and individuals. Have you done your walks in freezing horizontal sleet and/or pouring rain? Beach cleanup volunteers have, more than once.

There are also assigned ‘Adopt-a-Beach’ areas which volunteers are responsible for cleaning between the scheduled cleanups.

Perhaps you need to get off your pulpit and start a group to clean the roads. Shelly Pollack saw the problem with the beach debris, and started a group of volunteers concerned with the impact it has on the environment and wildlife. The next beach cleanup is scheduled for April 20. Will you join us?

Please visit https://ourbeach.org to see how many volunteers were recorded since 2002 and the tons of debris collected. Spoiler alert: 37,866 tons of debris have been removed by our ‘joke.’

Again, thank you for your part in keeping our areas clean. You might consider an apology to the over 16,000 volunteers who have been a part of what you consider a ‘joke.’


Ocean Park

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