District #2 needs a commissioner who will embrace all of the citizens and keep them informed of important issues. A commissioner who communicates what he is working on or involved with only at election time is not engaged with the average citizen. It’s important to keep citizens informed and involved on a regular basis, ask for their input and keep them involved. We need a commissioner who is in touch with the average citizen and will keep everyone aware of the issues before the commission and allow the citizens to be intimately involved if they choose.

Dan Driscoll understands the importance of properly following processes and guidelines to ensure the county is run in a fair and equitable way for every single citizen. He understands if people want change it requires thoughtful, respectful debate and dialogue. He is excited about getting people involved to make sure Pacific County and specifically District #2 is a great place to live. Dan is an honest, hardworking man, and having had his own personal experience with processes being bent and sometimes broken, he is dedicated to ensuring everyone is treated with respect and is heard. He has had years of fiscal responsibility running Oysterville Sea Farms. He understands local and state guidelines in almost every aspect of what keeps this peninsula running, and where there are issues that might need extra attention.

The status quo must go. District #2 needs a people’s commissioner. You will get one with Dan Driscoll.


Ocean Park

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