Many politicians lie in one way or another. Some lie by omission such as avoiding answering what a tax proposal would actually cost, and there are others that just flat out lie as second nature, but no one has taken lying to the level of Donald Trump.

Everybody knows he lies, including his supporters, who choose to ignore it. When fact checkers point out his lies, he not only doesn't retract or apologize, he just continues to repeat the lies.

It reminds me of a comment I once read that goes something like, "If you repeat a big lie over and over again, eventually people will think it is the truth." I wondered where that came from so I did a little research and here is what I discovered. In 1925 a man wrote a book and in that book, in chapter 10 he outlines the use of the "Big lie," which is pretty much the basis for the above quotation. Some years later, the author of that book was given a psychological profile by the O.S.S., which was the predecessor of our current C.I.A. and here is part of their analysis of the author's thought process: "…never admit to a fault or wrong, never concede any good in your enemy, never leave room for alternatives, never accept blame — people will believe a big lie sooner than a little one and if you repeat it frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it."

Many of you have, by now, figured out that the book is "Mein Kamph" and its author Adolph Hitler who, either consciously, unconsciously or through osmosis, has become the mentor to our "Loony-Toon" president. I doubt very much that Donald has read "Mein Kamph," considering his disdain for reading anything including intelligence reports, but possibly he has listened to an audio version or had Melania read it to him as a bedtime story — also doubtful considering his short attention span.

Trump defenders have attributed the above quote to Vladimir Lenin, the old Russian revolutionary (not his real name by the way). Lenin was in failing health the last four or five years of his life (he died in 1924) and there is no record of Lenin ever saying anything close to this. Other sources for the quote have been proposed by Trumpers, like Chairman Mao or Fidel Castro but with the same lack of proof. In order to turn this into some kind of Socialist-Democratic plot, the Republicans have simply made this stuff up. If any one now comes along with the same quote and claims it was made after 1925, they are simply parroting "Mein Kamph." I have found no credible or factual evidence to support these claims because they don't exist. It was and is a Nazi idea and is being put to use by Trump and his henchmen.


Ocean Park

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