Searching for the truth is a good thing. I’m also glad last week’s ‘Time to separate lies from truth’ was only a one-pager, a good decision on the editor’s part. Truth does seem to be a moving target, especially in politics, as there is always so much to consider.

In his letter I have to admit Mr. Calhoun at least was being fair … those of us who don’t agree with him he grouped together equally and then called us stupid. That would be about half the country.

While I won’t dispute during Obama’s tenure there was incremental economic recovery, I felt it was a ‘strained’ recovery, partly due to new national overhead added called Affordable Care Act, and partly due to the usual Democrat poor regulation in many areas choking our economy, such as NAFTA and corporate taxes. But what was the economic nuclear bomb that caused the recession to begin with? Hint: it wasn’t Bush — it was all-wise Clinton who deregulated the banks (financial services modernization act 1999). It just took seven or eight years to fester. And you wonder why I state Democrats are incapable of conducting the business of our country, as the one deregulation they did blew up on us.

Oops — almost went into the usual political tennis game when my main point today is different. You can go on indefinitely arguing all these mini-truths when half the country understands a greater reality. Industry is the only foundation for a strong economy, and a strong economy is the only foundation for a safe homeland. Without those, free college and medical (and anything else) means nothing anyway. In a perfect world you could have it all, but this is not a perfect world and that’s the greater truth.

An estimated $60-90 trillion per every 10 years for Warren and Sanders’ free medical and college when we can’t pay down the $20 trillion debt we already have? It’s not ignorance at all — it’s a choice: I choose a strong economy and resulting protected homeland over nation-killing unfeasible programs like these.

It’s not a hard choice for those who look at a bigger picture and have a greater truth.

Robert W. Bonney


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