Disclosure: I am employed by Grays Harbor College as a tutor at the Columbia Education Center in Ilwaco.

“Community colleges deserve support,” is the very bold headline on your Feb. 27, editorial and opinion page; but there is no mention in this editorial about the college in Pacific County. What’s the story on that? Is Grays Harbor College, a college supported by Pacific county tax dollars, a college that offers four-year degrees, a college that is focused on student success chopped liver?

My question to the editor of the Chinook Observer is one of bias, leaving Grays Harbor College and its myriad of academic and community education programs out of this editorial smacks of a bias against our local college. Why is the Observer biased against Grays Harbor College and is it reasonable for our independent press to have such a bias?

I am new to the Long Beach Peninsula community; and therefore do not have a full understanding of the history of GHC, the Observer and wider community. If there are schisms between our college and newspaper of record they need to be healed now. Grays Harbor College offers students on the peninsula opportunities for in-person, online and hybrid academic courses. Both the GHC campuses in Raymond and Ilwaco have free tutors available for students and student support staff who are willing and able to assist students with a myriad of issues.

Sure, Clatsop Community College has a spiffy, hilltop campus but it isn’t supported by the people of Pacific County. Why send students across the river when they can access academic programs in their communities? I’d like to see the Observer support our local community college and not Oregon’s.



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