Surfside Estates is first not a hot bed of management or council mismanagement quite the opposite. The council is not doing “back room deals” nor is our current manager Laura Fraser leaving due to an L & I fine for mishandling and disposing of concrete asbestos pipe. The claim of misuse of member dues is also unsupported by facts.

We have been Surfside Estates homeowners since January 2012 from day one SHOA was open and available welcoming us explaining all our benefits as well encouraging us to become involved in volunteer opportunities. I had the honor to work on the water department five-year plan with other homeowners and council members. Our experience working with and volunteering on SHOA events or being involved in monthly council meetings or annual meetings has been extremely professional. There have always been a few like Pat Fisher or George Miller (Surfside Chat) who seem to have nothing better to do than micromanage our council and management staff. Being HOA members on prior properties and knowing the dynamics which can and do occur with some members who are focused on anything that they might blow out of proportion and in many cases advance misleading information, we understood there will be some who are disgruntled and unhappy.

The majority of the nearly 2,000 members of Surfside think the $605 yearly HOA dues ($50.42 month), which includes water, trash & recycling, extra Pacific County Sheriff patrols, beach access, lakes, parks and much more is a great deal. Which is why our volunteer council and those hired to manage our office and water department have kept our dues low, $80 or about $13.34 per year over the past six years. Those increases have seen a new water filtration plant built for better water quality for all members and the water department is replacing one mile every year of the failing concrete asbestos pipes to improve service and water quality. Surfside is definitely not going bankrupt nor should it be dismantled because of mismanagement. As a retired business owner, manager and business consultant I pay close attention to SHOA financials, expenditures, reserve fund and have never found any reason to question the process of the council or management.

The L & I fine for possible exposure to asbestos from the mishandling and disposal of concrete asbestos pipe is also under appeal. We were affected by 11 major breaks and boil water notices during the period when the mishandling occurred and remember North Beach and Surfside water departments working through the night to restore water. That event created a huge washout and due to that the normal process and lawful manner to dispose of the concrete asbestos pipe, burying in place, had washed away. This was not a deliberate act but a difficult decision which ended up with an L & I fine and thousands of dollars in additional unforeseen legal costs to SHOA.

Surfside Estates is a great place to live and play and not in the disarray some would lead you to believe.

Leonard Miller

Surfside Estates, Ocean Park

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