I've expressed my dismay with Dale Hill's desire to attack me personally rather than debate the content of my ”Stop the Stupid” letter. Now comes Bob Bonney to continue the attack with praise for Hill's derisive letter and contempt for me and all things liberal.

What I find most interesting about both of these gentlemen is that neither of them dispute my contentions including that Trump's GOP along with MAGA media have employed a coordinated attack to disinform the electorate and weaken the pillars of democracy.

Neither of them deny that Trump's lies and ineptness are shown to account for around 40% of covid-19 related deaths and climbing.

Instead, Bonney asserts that I call people who don't agree with me stupid. While it is true I often disagree with stupid people, I didn't call anyone in particular stupid in either of my letters. A person's stupidity is based on their beliefs, stuff like Italian space lasers rigging voting machines, or the existence of microchips in covid-19 vaccine. People who believe such nonsense are stupid by definition, no matter what I think.

The rest of Bonney's feeble attempt focused on grievance politics and an incoherent rambling about constitutional freedoms. He never explains which freedoms are being trampled but he is sure that liberals are plotting to take them all away. Just your typical partisan rhetoric with no basis in fact and absolutely nothing to do with the gist of my letters.

Both Hill and Bonney felt the need to change the subject rather than reasonably defend the reprehensible behavior of their political leaders. Their intellectual cowardice allows them to accept lies and disinformation as a means of waging their perceived war on liberalism.

The age of Trump has shown us just how far the GOP and their media partners are willing to go to promote lies and disinformation as a means of controlling their base. They succeed only if reasonable people do not reject their toxic politics and call them out as power hungry liars.

We can't allow Trump-induced stupidity to win.

We must protect democracy by always embracing truth.


Long Beach

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