In his recent letter, Casey Law took to task not only Cate Gable but the entire idea that there is "global warming" or "climate change," stating that as a "graduate student in environmental studies at Cal-state," the theory taught then was that there was "global cooling."

I fear that good old Casey may have cut more than a few classes, missing some contrary information. Maybe he was spending his time at the local malt shoppe (wink-wink). Apparently, he has done his post-graduate studies at a totally different school. If you're guessing that it might be "Sesame Street" or "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood," you would be wrong but on the right track. Those programs taught children to be understanding and nice to each other. The school I have in mind teaches just the opposite. Its agenda teaches that the other guy is always wrong, climate change is a hoax and all news is fake news except their own.

By now, you may have figured out that the school is Fox News cable network. The particular class that Casey and his fellow classmate — our acting president, "the Donald" — will never cut is "Fox & Friends." I have peeked into this classroom on occasion and I suspect that the goofy-looking guy on the left is an undercover Russian agent. Hey — maybe that's why he sits on the left. My theory is as good as Casey's


Ocean Park

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