On Aug. 19, 1966, Chinese students launched a struggle for social justice to fight for the rights of the oppressed in China. It was widely believed that the “patriarchal system” in China had been created by the 1% and suppressed women, minorities, and the working class. The students cried out for a revolution and change, and launched the infamous Chinese Cultural Revolution.

Students put a red band around their arm to stand in solidarity with the oppressed and called for a change on old ideas: Old Customs, Old Culture, Old Habits, and Old Ideas.

The movement was supported by the Chinese media. Mass demonstrations and looting by the students ensued. Statues were torn down. Architecture, art, temples, cemeteries, homes, businesses, genealogy documents all desecrated or destroyed.

All of history, in short, was to be removed and replaced. This was the central meaning of Cultural Revolution: that China was going to destroy every trace of its bourgeois (privileged) past and replace it with a new culture built on the principles of Maoism and Marxism.

Three days later, Aug. 22, 1966, a central directive was issued to stop police intervention. The police were disbanded in the cities and the students formed a community solution called the Red Guard. The Red Guard policed communities and punished anyone who did not agree with their ideas. Even people that supported the movement, but had bad thoughts (“wrong think”), could be punished.

Though many Christians supported the movement in the beginning, they quickly became the number-one target of the Red Guards and public trials were held to condemn them to death.

Many of those that were onboard with the cause of the rebellion, in the beginning, saw that it was not really what they had signed up for, but by then it was too late. The power that the Red Guard wanted had already been given.

More people died during the cultural revolution in China than any war, famine, or natural disaster in the history of man.

Which party leaders are denouncing this?


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