Take equal parts disinformation and a general ignorance of climate science, sprinkle in some right-wing rhetoric, maybe a dash of sophomoric reasoning and you have the recipe for Brett Malin's letter the May 1 Observer.

Mr. Malin's pretzel logic ignores reality and relies on misinformation and hyperbole to come to a flawed conclusion about the viability of alternative energy sources.

Malin claims it is not physically possible for alternative energy sources to replace fossil fuels. Malin should hope that this is not true because the recently released National Climate Assessment (NCA) paints a pretty bleak picture of what will happen if we don't reign in fossil fuels.

According to the NCA, coastal areas will be hardest hit by climate change. Fisheries, tourism and local ecosystems will be negatively impacted, costing tens of billions nationwide. Extreme weather will ravage the coasts and the plains alike, costing tens of billions more.

We are already seeing record high temperatures, with the last five years being the hottest global temperatures on record.

Luckily, we do have a choice. Despite what Malin claims, we can and are replacing fossil fuels with alternative energy everyday. While we currently supplement fossil fuels with about 30 percent of alternatives, the Renewable Electricity Futures Study shows that we can, using existing technology, increase that 30 percent to about 80 percent by 2050. If you take into account Moore's Law and Wright's Law, the technology of climate science will grow exponentially while its costs come down. In other words, the solutions to battle climate change will be significantly better and cost significantly less over time. By 2050, technology may allow us to nearly if not completely eliminate fossil fuels from our electric grid. That's a fact.

We can only meet this challenge successfully if our government and private sector work together. While many states have embraced a fact-based approach to battling climate change, the Trump administration refuses to acknowledge that climate change is even a problem. This presents a grave national security threat, according to the government's own scientists.

So long as we have climate change deniers in positions of power we will not be able to address the matter as quickly and effectively as we should. The longer we wait to address climate change, the more it is going to cost all of us. The time of ignorance and inaction is over. We must trust science and embrace technology if we are going to save our planet from black energy and those who embrace it.


Long Beach

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