Time is running out.

I remain hopeful that top leadership in the U.S. will lead rather than enable and follow. When will true leadership rise? It will happen when decisions are made for the people rather than for continued advancement of a person. Present leaders are protecting themselves politically rather than making decisions that further the future of America.

If leadership continues to protect itself much longer, the house will fall and tumble down.

The idea of truth, integrity and trustworthiness and all that has been the tower of strength in America, in spite of its ongoing problems, is eating away at its foundation that becomes weaker by the day. If not the foundation of a nation, this will make a path and establish a pattern of leadership for the future.

Children will believe that dishonesty, deceit and force is the true moral fabric of leadership. Our nation as well as the future of the next several generations will bear out what should have been done in this moment and time. I’m hopeful others who have faith to protest this current madness in government will attend public meetings and stand for truth and the rest of society. Decisions must be made for the whole rather than for “the me only." These decisions are what made this nation great and must continue if it is to embrace the nation’s true destiny.

Time is running out.



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