While I can clearly see the world’s polarities, I still have faith in the ones that don’t spend time fooling themselves. Your 5/22 letter, “Time for American women to consider Lysistrata’s tactics” might have a 2,500-year-old "tongue-in-cheek" example but only continues that current-day gray area between right and wrong.

For those who don’t want to review it, the letter’s about women withholding sex from men to assert their ideals (get what they want). It’s obvious the main reason for the letter is to assert “pro-choice” and wax thoughtful over punishing pro-life men. The author’s also fascinated with 2,500-year-old gender inequality and throws in a saber-rattle about Iran, all making a fair smokescreen around the “heart” of the matter.

Trouble is, it doesn’t address how to "punish" pro-life women. Punishment of opposing ideals is an important theme among liberals. Maybe they could ban pro-life women from abortion clinics — that’ll teach ‘em!

If it’s necessary to dig up ancient Greek for a current-day abortion issue, I can adapt something more recent like “To have a heart, or to not have a heart… that is the question (on so many levels)."

And I suppose if some women want to follow this Lysistrata example towards men, as Mr. Brake muses, they might: 1) convert a few from continuing to protect them (and us) on a dangerous world stage, and 2) be practicing the original form of birth control.



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