Turner would be a good Superior Court judge

I was very pleased to see a letter in the paper from Mike Turner declaring his wish to run for Superior Court judge. Mike is well qualified for the position and having known him for the 20-plus years I have lived here, I feel he would bring the right combination of experience, honesty and compassion to the office. Please join me in supporting Mike Turner for the position of Superior Court judge. We need him.

Charolette Caudle

Long Beach

Officer’s professionalism makes LB better

It’s another day in the City of Long Beach, and the Long Beach police officer is coming on duty. He does not know what challenges he must face today. He knows that his community counts on him to serve and protect them. He prays for great courage and strength to guide him in his daily duties. He is dedicated to a higher level of conduct, professionalism, leadership, high expectations and community values. He will never betray his badge, integrity, character or public trust.

The Long Beach Police Department has many challenges which include a tight budget, limited resources and equipment constraints. Yet, our men in blue have outstanding enthusiasm, team work, leadership and loyalty to our community.

Faced with many challenges on March 6, Officer Rodney Nawn observed a Long Beach individual, who he knew to have a felony warrant, run from a vehicle and hide next to the balcony of a Shoreview Drive apartment. Officer Nawn was able to take him into custody and located a methamphetamine pipe and four baggies of methamphetamine, along with a baggie of suspected heroin. Nawn located two cell phones, and because of the officer’s diligent work in obtaining a warrant and locating information which indicated the suspect was a drug dealer, and he was charged him with intent to deliver the methamphetamine rather than simple possession. Instead of facing just a year in jail on a class B felony, he faced a class B felony and a much larger prison sentence.

The reason we were able to protect our community from this drug dealer was because of Officer Nawn’s great work in obtaining a warrant and locating the evidence. Due to this officer’s hard work, Warner was sentenced to 60 months in prison for possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver.

For a small community as ours, we are very blessed to have such an outstanding Police Department with officers that truly are committed to our protection and ensuring we have a family friendly community that attracts tourism and a place we can feel safe.

Next time you have a chance to speak to one of our officers, please thank them for their sacrifices and service to our community and to the Long Beach Peninsula.

Jerry Phillips

Mayor of Long Beach

Watch politicians squirm about Trump

I am really sick and tired of all these politicians, both elephant and mule, saying don’t vote for Trump. If they had said vote for me, not Trump, that would be OK. I am not sure at times if they are talking about Trump or Al Capone.

Who are these people who tell me I shouldn’t vote for Trump? Have they worked hard or amassed a fortune and why are they so afraid that Trump will win? I am not telling or asking you to vote for Trump. Who am I to tell you how to vote? I am not sure if Trump should even get in any office. How would he be? I am no mind reader. Is Trump crude, nasty or just honestly speaking what he thinks is right?

I think the big money people are afraid since he doesn’t need money, they will have no hold on him. Should Trump somehow win the presidency, I’d like to be a fly on the wall when all of these politicians come around trying to kiss his butt for one thing or another after saying how rotten he is.

It’s funny, isn’t it, but with all this bad mouthing he’s quite a bit ahead for the republican nomination. Maybe the people who vote have different ideas than the politicians.

George McCurdy

Ocean Park

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