Home checks before

pets: Great idea

I applaud the animal shelter manager for insisting on home checks. Home checks and references are the standard in private Rescues though not so much in shelters. Good for the manager for checking out where the animals go!

Why would any good pet owner object to a home visit?

Eileen Parsons


Great place, but

a few questions

I recently spent a fun week in Long Beach, returning to celebrate 50 years since Ilwaco High School graduation, and a pleasant escape from the heat of the Spokane area. (Thanks for the rain showers. We loved ‘em.)

Here are a couple of observations of a one time resident, and a long time visitor:

The Fourth of July debris on the beach in mid-August is disgusting. There should be no pride in Long Beach when a “celebration” leaves the ocean beach so littered with parts of fireworks.

All the publicity on tsunami danger may be warranted. The warning signs along the coast tell us to head for the hills when the warning sounds. A while ago, when my kids visited without the company of Grandpa, the Long Beach fire siren began to wail in the night. Having read the warning signs, and having the benefit of my 1964 Alaska earthquake tsunami stories, the kids called 911. “Is this a tsunami warning?” The 911 operator quite rudely informed them “No!”

So, what is the “official tsunami warning” that will send us to the hills? I did not find that published anywhere. And, in this modern era of technology, couldn’t the Long Beach firemen be summoned with cell phone alerts, rather than waking the whole community and spreading a “tsunami scare” among the visitors?

Long Beach was a great place to grow up, and the visits with kids and grandkids bring back my appreciation for the area.

Tom Brattebo

Liberty Lake

Her mayor vote

goes to Mark Perez

Looks like its election season. Long Beach is fortunate to be selecting a new mayor between two candidates currently on city council. I appreciate the choice and salute them both for their willingness to serve the community. It is a privilege to vote and mine will go to Mark Perez. He has an impressive background. I have observed him on city council, read his detailed and informative letters to the editor over the years and remember his campaign appearances when running for city council. I believe he has lived up to his promises openly and honestly. I’ve observed him looking for ways to save money and he has stated, if elected, he will decline the mayor’s salary. Every vote is important. I’m voting for Mark Perez.

Kathleen Graham

Long Beach

Port rent hike

raises hackles

The Port of Willapa Harbor raises rent 300 percent? I guess they need more money, lots of pot crop failures I guess. The Port has now hired an attorney, Joel Penoyer (retired judge) and an assistant for him, Dave Gauger. They are attempting to discredit the previous Commissioners Doug Smith, Tim Bond and Stan Hatfield and their Manager Jim Neva’s original lease to Pedigree Catamaran made over 20 years ago.

Not only are we the community paying for this attempt at them breaching a contract, but Pedigree Catamarans after more than 20 years, has to hire a second attorney to defend themselves. We have a substantial personal investment in the development of this state land that was vacant for 40 years. A novel concept, we used our own money to build our buildings, and the RV part people encouraged us to do.

We now have had to put new two building contracts on hold, new local employees on hold for hire and training as we have no idea what our Port manager Rebeca Chaffee has on her mind to do next. Seems she has her spokesman, commissioner Todd Stevens to do most the talking for her while our other commissioners Nick Jambor and Patty Lignoski, just look on.

If you get a chance, you might ask these people we have voted in to these Port positions, what they really have in mind to do, they have already ran off most the long term tenants. I think we have made a bad mistake voting them in to run our Port with the community the main interest, not their own benefit. No one I have talked to has seen any benefit to what they are doing. I don’t think running off local businesses with ridiculous high rent is a benefit to our community. When I asked Rebeca Chaffee why, the reply was “Because I can.”

Jim Neva said that if anything, the Port could lower rent if the economy required it and help keep tenants here and local employees working. Now we have lost a really great Port Manager and the reason we moved back here. Your tax dollars at work.

Gary Habersetzer

Vice President, Pedigree Cats, Inc.


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