My name is Ellie Gallion and I created the truck group, “Washington Truck Meets.”

Since before I was old enough to drive, I have had a passion for trucks — mainly built trucks. These are trucks that people have put time, energy and passion into, building their trucks into a custom truck exactly the way they want it to look. They spend time discussing new ideas, providing helpful information with each other and overall sharing their passion for trucks with each other. That’s what we are about. I hold truck meets all over Washington state, and have been doing so since 2016. My very first truck meet was held at the Tulalip Cabela’s and brought in somewhere over 200 trucks. Since then, I’ve partnered with Cabela’s and have done several annual meets, as well as with the city of Lynden every Fourth of July and the city of Long Beach every May. I usually have more than 100 truck attendees. Around 80 percent of the attendees at the Long Beach meet were not from Long Beach and had traveled from Oregon and from all over Washington.

This year, I would like to get some sponsors to help out and grow these events into something everybody wants to bring the family out to. My goal is to get some fun booths out there for kids to get involved in such activities as face painting or balloon making. I need sponsors to help with the advertising whether it’s on Facebook, on the radio, or in the newspaper. I also need someone to sponsor my trophies for each category everyone is entered to win at the truck meet. Sponsorship for prizes and giveaways would be ideal as well.

I do charge a $20 entrance fee per truck entered in order to fund these events. That goes toward everything I don’t get sponsorship for. Last year I used it toward my trophy fee which were around $200 dollars per meet and the prize fees, which were around $1,200 per meet. Everything I buy for my truck meets I pay for myself and rarely have gotten sponsorships for anything because it is still so new. This year I’m extremely excited to partner with some businesses to help sponsor and join us.

In exchange for sponsorship, we would be more than happy to display banners, hand out flyers or anything representing your company at the meet such as: engraving your company’s name on our trophies, displaying your banner on our pop-up tent where folks will register their vehicles, or if you would like to provide your own pop-up tent with your companies name on it, handing out info packets in reusable bags or knapsacks that have your company’s name or logo on it.

The goal is to grow these meets and draw people in. I love to travel around Washington throwing these truck shows and bringing people together. Family is a huge part of what we do. We also want to welcome you to join us and see what our passion for trucks is all about. Thank you.




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