The border wall soap opera continues. The executive and legislative branches of our government wasted two months and the economy lost billions of dollars in the war to fund/not fund a wall on our southern border and the subsequent shutdown of government services.

Trump says walls work. He says we need to stop terrorists from entering, drugs from entering, undocumented people from entering. Does he realize that we are growing our own Isis terrorist wannabes among our own citizens without having a wall? Does he realize that as long as we the people of the United States create the demand for illegal drugs, they will find their way here, regardless of any wall? Does he realize the vast majority of undocumented people come legally and then overstay their visas?

What really happened is the presidential candidate made an outlandish promise to his base two years ago, amplified it continuously during his presidency, and now is declaring a national emergency to get funds to build the wall.

He is on record saying he could take a long time to get the wall built, so no emergency? He left for his gilded palace in Florida to play and relax immediately after his declaration, so no emergency? The man has been "hoist by his own petard" and does not know how the explosion occurred. This debacle will continue in the courts and will not solve a single thing he says is an emergency. Surely now his followers realize that Mexico is not paying for the wall but that they (and we) will pay for the wall if it survives the legal challenges. In the end, the problems thought to be fixed by a wall will remain but everybody will be poorer if this cockamamie scheme actually happens.



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