I don’t know if you read President Trump’s Proposed 2020 Budget. It is very revealing. It tells us what President Trump values, what he wants. No matter what parts are passed or denied, the proposed budget is a window into what President Trump will work for and what he will work against.

He has repeatedly denied the observed facts that glaciers are melting, oceans are rising, acidic dead zones in oceans are growing, coral reefs are dying, and sea mammals are being found dead with bellies full of plastic. He wants to promote the fossil fuel industry by: cutting funding for the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy; increasing the funding for the fossil fuel industry; increasing the Nuclear Energy program; turning all public lands (parks, reserves) over to the fossil fuel industry and eliminating the Environmental Protection Agency.

President Trump wants to increase funding to the Defense Department, Homeland Security and the Border Wall. This includes putting more immigrant families in more jails to be supported by United States citizens (through taxes).

Most revealing is how much President Trump cares about U.S. citizens! He proposed funding cuts to agriculture (farmers) and the subsidies they depend on when crops fail. He also proposed funding cuts to several agencies and grants which exist to help small businesses get started.

He wants to cut funding, or eliminate completely, assistance programs: food stamps, unemployment, affordable housing, improving infrastructure and the meals-on-wheels program. He also proposed funding cuts to the Education Department and Pell Grants which help children go to college.

President Trump proposed cuts in funding for police officers (who keep us safe). Thankfully, he did propose an increase in funding for the Veterans Administration!

Finally, he does not care about public health, as evidenced by his proposed funding cuts to: the National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Disease Control, Medicare, Medicaid, the Affordable Care Act and the Social Security Administration.

Perhaps we can keep these stated desires in mind as we approach the next election and decide how we want this country to proceed.

Nancy Bradbee


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What a fueled and loaded article here, Nancy! Funny you didn't mention the $9.5 billion going toward preserving federal land and funding the bipartisan group, the Land and Water Conservation Fund? Or that 50% of all energy revenue (fossil fuels and renewable energy on federal land) will be deposited for federal land protection programs?

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