I’m writing this letter to ask you to vote for Mike Turner for Superior Court judge for Pacific/Wahkiakum counties.

Mike and I go back more than 30 years. Shortly after meeting my husband Jim, I was introduced to Mike. He was a classmate of Jim’s and has been a great friend to us over the years. Through the years I have watched Mike grow in his legal abilities, taking on more cases with intelligence, integrity, and a quiet, kind manner. I would run into Mike during times like Labor Day with his Mom and Dad at the Boondocks. He is always respectful of everybody.

As our lives grew, we ran into each other. He has always been involved with local events, never turning down a chance to help or donate to a good cause. Mike knows the law, how it works. He was involved in a family case a few years back. I was very impressed — he did his job, listened to all the evidence, making a ruling. He settled our case, not wasting our taxpayer dollars.

Mike is the best man for our Superior Court judge position. He is objective, looks at both sides, and will make a decision on the preponderance of the evidence. He works through cases with very little taxpayer money, not gouging the taxpaying citizen with large attorney fees by wasting valuable court time.

He was raised here and he loves our Pacific/Wahkiakum counties. He will put away the criminals, keep tax expenditures down by solving a case, not stringing it out and costing large amounts to taxpayers.

When the ballots show up, please mark Mike Turner. He is the right person for the job. He wants to be here every day putting forth his knowledge, staying late and showing up early. I'm voting for him and asking for your vote; he is the best judge for the job — or should I say the only man for the job. Vote Mike Turner.



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