Goodbye Tweety

Five years ago I moved into my home here on the peninsula. I had not made any friends so I went to the South Pacific County Humane Society Animal Shelter to look for one. That is when I met the most adorable Jack Russell terrier named Tweety. I had never known a Jack Russell terrier before but Tweety is very good advertising for that breed. I have to say, it was love at first sight.

It was a short adjustment period because we communicated so well and had a lot in common. We talked a lot. Tweety can say more with her eyes than most people can say by mouth. Sometimes we were taking long walks when we talked and I would tell her, “you are my favorite dog," and she would laugh.

One day when we were traveling with my friend, she saw the travel beds that her dogs had and right away she asked me for one. Of course, she gets one right away and loved it. As she sat up in it to look around her eyes would say, “This is a way a dog should travel."

The first winter we were together I joined a Bible Study that was in the evening. Not wanting to leave her in a cold car for over and hour, I told her it was best for her to stay in warm house and I would be back before long. Before driving away I went back and looked in the window to see how she was doing and she was sitting on the floor with her head down. I took her with me and when we got back home she said she preferred a cold car to being alone in the house. Every time we left to drive away after that her little smile said that she thought, “Well, that worked."

After that, if there were any times that I couldn’t take her she stayed with my daughter and they loved each other. Tweety would have so much fun chasing and playing with all the outdoor animals. She felt she could talk to my daughter as well as me.

We spent every New Years Eve together, curled up on the couch watching for the ball to drop in New York’s Time Square. We each had a bag of treats and talked about the good times we had during the past year.

About a year ago congestive heart failure showed up with Tweety and her health began to fail. As she needed more help I could see her eyes telling me, “I’m sorry, I don’t want to be trouble." Though she was never scolded and I always told her she could never be anything but a joy, she continued to feel bad about herself.

On Monday, Feb. 17, she was put to sleep by her doctor and the small room was filled with her family and friends. We all rubbed her and held her paw as she peacefully went to sleep.

Tweety, I will not get another dog and I can hear you laughing as I say to you, “you are still my favorite dog."


Long Beach

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