Americans love labels and "renewable energy" is applied to sources like wind and solar. These "renewable" sources are pricey in so many ways and work only when the wind is blowing and the sun is shining. No one it seems is interested in carbon-free real power spewing out of the earth since the dawn of time.

Just west of us 270 miles are clear-water vents associated with the larger San Juan de Fuca Ridge vent system. Just one of these (1.3 meter diameter) medium-sized holes spew enough hot water to fill the Astoria pool in about 45 seconds. The water is 750 degrees F. By delta formula, this is 14.5 gigawatts. 4.5 times the heat energy of the largest nuclear power plant in the U.S. Enough prime daytime power for a significant part of the western grid.

The big challenge with power production is what to do with off-peak power at 8 p.m. This off-peak power can be diverted to a hydrogen plant. Ten Gigawatts of nighttime power makes a flow of hydrogen that is 14 times greater than the largest liquid air plant in America. A flow so great that three large ships would need to be loaded at one time, which means berthing for 30-plus ships! Enough hydrogen fuel for tens of thousands of cars, trucks and tractors with fuel cells.

Imagine the Columbia River being used to import clean energy from just 270 miles out instead of being used to export dirty fuel around the world.

This energy is all available from just one vent out of dozens. There are huge challenges involved with this power source. Logistical, engineering and security issues would be large.

We have to make the transition to hydrogen from carbon, and soon! It seems no one is listening. Some of our leaders are talking a good game when it comes to climate change, but real solutions are few. This power and hydrogen production platform is possible. This is what America is good at. We are already drilling for oil in deeper water depths in the Gulf of Mexico.

I am reaching out to the public through this newspaper because our government, our state legislators, our NOAA, our Energy Department, our Commerce Department, our own Bonneville Power Administration will not return my inquires, much less show interest.

Is anyone listening?



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