When the leaders of the Republican Party in Congress do not have the moral courage to answer the question, when are you going to congratulate Joe Biden on his victory and their answer is, "I can't answer," or, "it's not over yet," then this nation has a real problem! That problem is President Trump and covid-19 the killer virus!

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have won both the popular vote and the electoral vote by good numbers, and for good reasons. The majority has spoken in their votes for decency and grace, which has been missing in the Oval Office for almost four years now. President Trump committed a crime of attempted bribery in the Ukraine fiasco and has and is committing criminal negligence against the American people!

He has disregarded the counsel of his own team of scientists and medical reality in dealing with the covid-19 virus! Over 230,000 Americans have died and it is increasing. It is on a new rampage that has been predicted, which will kill thousands more of us. Hospitals are over loaded with cases and medical providers are being overwhelmed, and are themselves victims of this deadly bug!

We all know how the president is handling it, and he isn't, and by not doing so, he is aiding and abetting the virus spread. If President Roosevelt had handled the beginning of our involvement in World War II, when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, the way Trump is doing with this killer virus, we would be under foreign rule today. Rather then speaking to the American people to unite and mask up, social distance and wash our hands, all-in, against this virus, he is defying all common sense and walking away from his duty as president. Basically, he no longer has any right to be our president, and when America voted accordingly, he is lashing out for voting him out of office. Anyone else would also be in prison for the crimes he has committed against the people and the laws of this land. Instead, he is still there and will be until Jan. 20, 2021. That is extremely scary and worrisome!

President-elect Biden has acted with grace and confidence in the American people right off the election victory and is sewing the seeds of unity and action against the virus. But time is not on our side unless Trump acts with that same grace, and we know him by now, and that is not going to happen, because he does not give a damn about anyone but himself!

Please, get on the phone and make the calls to your senators and congress representatives, be they Republican or Democrats, but especially the Republicans, and let them know you want them to tell President Trump to get with the program, or leave the office tomorrow, so Biden and his team can get us out of this horror story and save lives. Even if it means Vice President Pence will take over in the interim, up to Jan. 20. That would hopefully change the dynamics and the fight against the bug! Those thousands of lives that can be saved may be yours, or mine, or our loved ones and friends. I have made my calls and intend to keep doing so again, without delay! Let's together bring back America and win this war. It's no game, it is survival, folks!

Strength and honor and the Holy Spirit be with us all.


Portland and Seaview

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