Hard to imagine we are witnessing these events that taking place both here in Washington, specifically in Seattle and in the big cities that have Democratic mayors and the states which have Democratic governors.

Yet I notice most of the media seems to minimize the realities of the lawlessness. The media is playing hide and seek. We all know that the current insurrection in Seattle is dangerous and will spread if not stopped immediately. In fact, today the local TV stations in Seattle are showing the antifa-led rioters are trying to take over a second police station in Seattle.

Anarchists are attempting to overthrow our republic and the Democrats in charge in these areas are doing little to stop it. The mayor in Seattle is calling this a summer of love and thinks it’s wonderful that these armed thugs are running lawless in Seattle. Yet the residents and the small businesses in the besieged area report being bullied and are being forced to pay money to run their businesses. Anarchy cannot stand in America.

Defunding police is now the new mantra in many Democratic-controlled states. However, the citizens in those states are scared and fear that if police are defunded, their lives will be at risk. As I watched the narrative on CNN and NBC, they totally ignored the reality of what is going on in these cities. Instead, they lie and say defunding police doesn’t really mean getting rid of police. They are pushing the lies, saying that by defunding the police, money will go to other agencies such as the citizens-equality board and other social service programs. Great — so when you call 911 and report that someone is trying to break into your home, the response will be, "Please be patient, a social-equality councilor will talk you through this."

I am an independent voter and will not vote for a single Democratic candidate in Washington state, because they don’t deserve to be in office. Gov. Jay Inslee is a disgrace and should resign.



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