I am writing to fully endorse Dan Cothern, Lee Tischer, Dean Takko and Brian Blake. I am asking for your vote and support for their elections.

As a retired county commissioner and past president of the Washington state association of counties, it has been my honor to work and serve all of our constituents along side of this slate of candidates.

I have watched Dan, Lee, Dean and Brian rise in their unwavering ability to examine and evaluate the problems facing us all and finding sensible working solutions regardless of party affiliation. I have seen them succeed many times where others have given up in frustration. Their focus on the well being of our state and county through their leadership on economic development, criminal justice, jobs and the environment are but some of the areas of work for our county and our state.

There are difficult decisions that all must make and are not always popular but making these are part of doing the work for us all. Obviously, I am a fan of Dan, Lee, Dean and Brian. I truly believe that they are best suited to lead us into a thoughtful, beneficial future for our county and state. As cream rises to the top, I assure you they shall continue to also.

I am always proud of our community's turnout for elections as one of the highest in the state, but was a bit disappointed on the voter turnout for the primary, Voting at any time is something to be proud of doing — win or lose. I know we can have the best turnout in the state. Please vote!

This election cycle is so critically important for the future of our country, state and county. It cannot be overstated how criticality important this election is to restore the rule of law and preserve our democracy.

I am looking forward to continuing my service to our community in the future and would like to wish everyone a happy, safe upcoming holiday session.



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