In response to Paul Majkut’s letter dated Sept. 4, “Does Pacific County really want a Libertarian as a county commissioner?” Absolutely!

Suggesting Dan Driscoll has no platform or agenda is the typical nonsense that a party-only voter would spew. This kind of blind party affiliation is exactly why people should not vote for Frank Wolfe and raises the question why anyone interested in true equal representation would use party affiliation as a weapon.

This individual suggesting the Libertarian platform is somehow against the basic needs of American citizens is counting on more people voting party instead of researching the values and ethics of the candidates. I would suggest people actually read the link Mr. Majkut provided and then question where he came up with the “facts” he hopes people believe. Spend your time researching the actions and complicity the incumbent had with the county in questionable lawsuits and actions.

Anyone who exudes every single platform position of a certain political party is a danger to any citizen who shows opposition. Be informed, not persuaded by illogical party rhetoric. Dan’s primary position is simple ... people, not politics. Your rights and freedoms are as important to him as they are to you. Make the bold decision to vote for the man, not the party. Vote for Dan Driscoll.



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