Really? Is a candidate so desperate that she has to lie in TV ads about her opponent? The claims that are being made against Carolyn Long are so wrong that it is amazing that they are even allowed to broadcast! Jaime Herrera Beutler (JHB) must want to capitalize on the people who believe if something is on TV, on the internet or in print it must be true. Sad state of affairs.

Carolyn Long will be a representative of all the voters of our District, not just her “base” as JHB seems to be. Carolyn is already considerably more available to constituents than our incumbent. We have met and called Long on several occasions and attest to her accessibility. I have never seen or spoken to JHB in the 10 years of her term, though I have tried.

Long seeks to shore up our healthcare, not destroy it as is being advertised. JHB has proudly voted dozens of times to repeal the Affordable Care Act, with nothing to offer in replacement. That may be fine for government workers such as herself and the wealthy, but the majority need coverage, especially for preexisting conditions.

No one knows if taxes will have to be raised or not. We are in a serious pandemic with far reaching expenses and unemployment. It is certainly not the time to cut taxes on the rich as the GOP seems to be promising! JHB is a rubber stamp for the Republican Party, whether she owns up to it or not. Using the scare tactic of “raising taxes” to discredit Long is disingenuous.

Why not run on your record, Jaime, instead of lying about your contender? Maybe because it reveals some big glaring holes.

Please join us in a fresh start with a representative who looks after U.S., not her big donors. Vote Carolyn Long!


Long Beach

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