I invite you to review April 17 edition’s guest column titled “Local bigotry left untreated metastasizes into violent hate,” by Dave Gauger. Let me be clear, I’m only discussing all individuals’ rights of choice here, and an infringing school of thought.

In his article, Gauger criticizes his own church for standing behind its own doctrine. I could leave it right there, that’s the bottom line no matter how you slice it.

The article is a really good argument of how a church doctrine should conform to one person’s intellectual opinion, but looking at a bigger picture reveals more. He tries to twist “love thy neighbor” into "you have to change your doctrine" and doesn’t understand you can love your neighbor while still not approve of what they are doing.

Just as important, if you consider the teachings of the Bible at all, as he claims, it underscores that all humans are currently in an imperfect state and mankind’s wisdom is flawed. Therefore, in any other words, a man has an awfully high opinion of himself when he tells God what is right.

I believe every church has a right to interpret their Bible and make their doctrines however they want, as long as it is peaceful. I believe in the American institution where you can freely choose any organization, or not, also known as freedom of religion. I definitely don’t believe liberals have the right to tear down institutions and remake churches in their own image.

Revisiting liberal hypocrisy for a moment, they pointed fingers at xenophobia after the 9/11 attacks, but turn 180 degrees, as usual, and produce their own xenophobia in this glaring example. A second one is to publish that and get the secular (non-members) to tell that church what to do. A third one is this and all liberal ideals require the rest of us to give up something, in this case a constitutional and human right. And a fourth one is the same self-proclaimed human rights advocates take away ours in the process.

In summary, it’s a giant (Grand Canyon-size) leap inferring a Methodist church doctrine causes violent hate and bigotry. It’s a much smaller hop showing liberals (think they) have some sort of right to dismantle your privacy and choices.



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