This past Washington State International Kite Festival brought lots of visitors to the beach this year. There were roughly 30 to 40 cars during peak times at the Cranberry beach access road.

While it is nice to see that families are enjoying themselves it is also tiresome to see that most of them enjoy the dunes to take a poop in! Gobs of toilet paper and excrement are left in the dunes, as folks are too lazy to walk and use the facility on the road. As a private landowner of Mean High Tide property north of Cranberry beach access road, people continually use our land and others around us to relieve themselves — leaving toilet paper, excrement, trash, makeshift toilets, not to mention illegal camping and damage private property.

All events and festivals should consider providing port-a-potties on Cranberry access beach road to minimize the misuse of the dunes, monitor and patrol the area to prevent the misuse of private and public lands. People need to be respectful and event organizers need to provide facilities for them.


Long Beach

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