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To Carol Ham: it is encouraging that you are a longtime friend of Ocean Beach School District (OBSD) Board Member Tiffany Turner. Your claim that board member Turner’s personal or political feelings never enter into her decisions on the OBSD Board is worth discussing.

The Chinook Observer quoted Board Member Turner as questioning “having a policeman in our school” at an OBSD Board meeting. In the meeting she said she “wants to ensure the district’s resources are being maximized.” The pushback on police presence and the question of resource usage are headlining political themes of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) Global Network Foundation.

My letter to the editor educated readers on the known background of two people who associate themselves with the BLM national organization. One, a fugitive convicted cop killer, the other, a convicted domestic terrorist involved in the deaths of innocent American civilians including two New Jersey Troopers. While BLM is administered locally by individual groups, it remains a national organization.

It was the Chinook Observer July 1 article that began this conversation. It read: “School Board: What role for police in local schools? Subject arises amid national BLM protests”. (Page A1 banner headline) The article continued on page A10, and, under the subheading; “Policemen in our school?” is where Board Member Turner is identified as “an organizer of local Black Lives Matter demonstrations.”

The current political movement to paint all police with a wide brush of racism under the banner of BLM is raw prejudice, which, I hope we can all agree is not something we should be teaching our children. Do you have evidence that police in Pacific County are engaged in discrimination or racist activities? An elected official’s actions and affiliations speak greater than third party letters. The juxtaposition of Board Member Turner with the national BLM movement was not created by me. I await Board Member Turner’s contribution to this discussion.



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