I would like to share with you and your readers something I shared with our state senator for my district.

I feel like I need to voice my dissatisfaction with the state Legislature in the 28-19 vote to no longer offer capital punishment.

I understand the politics of racial bias (one of the leading decision making factors here), but maybe a more prudent action would be that a jury should not be allowed to weigh in on sentencing. Judges have clear guidelines on sentencing and that is the place for that decision to be made.

I'm certainly not pro-killing off people who make mistakes. But it is not, big letters here, not the responsibility of society (in this case taxpayers) to care for and sustain persons whom do not choose to live by the rules and laws on which society functions. Particularly those who feel it is OK for them to end the life of another or many others.

How many of the 28 aye votes have a connection to someone who was murdered? What is the burden of society to care for those who commit terrible murder? What penance are these criminals actually paying? The loss of the right to interact with society? That is every teenager's dream — to shut the doors and play World of Warcraft for days without showering or eating a real meal. Decades ago it was deemed unconstitutional to force criminals to raise their own food, work and labor building railways and highways and drainage systems. Now we give them books, and TV, three square a day, medical treatment, and security that more and more Americans are unable to get in their own apartment buildings as this is being read. We might as well tell these crooks that they have to be placed on court-mandated administrative leave. It's a joke of the most sadistic kind and a direct result of irresponsible and short-sighted governing over a number of decades. The rights of a law-abiding citizen of the USA are held at a lower standard of those who break the law, because of extreme interpretation. Interpretations that are forced out of courts because laws and rules are not fully thought out by legislature.

Over the past several decades we see incline trends in poverty, homelessness, drug abuse, and violent acts — and what we as a society see from our government is sheep herding, band-wagoning, fear-mongering, and knee-jerk rule making.


Long Beach

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