Dear Brett,

Honey, does your letter in last week’s paper mean that we are not going to have my much desired solar panels installed on our 1905 Seaview home?

I know people have been calling you in support of your letter — but need I remind you that I am a fan of alternate energy. In fact, Coastal Community Action Program (I have been a board member for over a decade!) has some pretty awesome wind turbines that fund programs for fighting poverty in Grays Harbor and Pacific counties. Coastal CAP is also the first nonprofit to use the green energy tax credits, and proud of it!

I also want to remind some people that politics has nothing to do with alternate energy. I know plenty of people who are conservative and are also environmentalists who support alternate energy sources.

I can assure others that we have some lively discussions in our home and most certainly others also do not agree with their spouses on all things. (Especially when it comes to the proper method of loading a dishwasher!)

But back to Brett. Sweetheart, I love how you use logic. But let us also dream a little and find solutions to those logical problems. Perhaps our son-in-law who is studying electrical engineering with an eye toward alternate energy will be the one to think outside the box enough to listen to what you are saying and find solutions. Let’s not stop him from that dream.

Sometimes, I don’t want to hear about reality, but work to create a different future. I do know we do not have to agree on everything to still have unity. I stand behind your right to express your logic, but hope you will also let the dreamers soar above some solar panels, too.

With love and respect,



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