I have decided not to play pool in the league this year. When anti-Chinese bias is high, I don’t feel comfortable.

I don’t make my decision without deep consideration. You and I know there are people that dislike Asians. Two guys last year said hateful words to me. You know them and they are probably your friends. They said I am responsible for the China virus. One told me that I should go back to China. 

If I am scheduled to play them “I’ll punch them in their face and start a fight.” I won't play them. No one on Stay’in Alive said this, but the guys who did know who they are. I hope you don’t dilute my words so there is no misunderstanding.

I also have many questions. So who are my friends, fake friends or enemies? Do you call covid-19 the China virus or Kung Flu? Are you comfortable only in a setting with white people? How often do you go outside your comfort zone? When a racist calls me responsible for the China virus, would you bury your head in your hands, turn your back on me and walk away? Would you stand up to hate speech or pretend you didn’t hear that?


Ocean Park

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