As a Lutheran Christian, I am concerned about our planet, our stewardship. It is a loaned resource. As an environmentalist, I am concerned about our planet, our conservation. There are the same desired goals with one different word: righteousness (character), justice, peace, and love.

There are many spiritual people doing their own thing. I have my own thing; yet, I have an organized religious membership. It is simply strength in numbers. Together, we can send to the needy a shipload of grain. You do not have to tithe any money to our church. You can just pray for the church to help America's society reach our goals.

I am old (mature). I am shocked by occurrences around the country. I wonder if the schools stopped teaching civics: First Amendment Freedom of [Peaceful] Speech. There should be discourse over issues, instead of screaming matches more appropriate at sporting events.

Everyone is equal by my religious standards. It is injustice to discriminate against other people. Back in time, we were all out of Africa. There are those who don't know that Western Civilization was just lucky to have the most domesticated animals. People are almost all average intelligence. It was having free time provided by animal labor that allowed invention and higher technology. That allowed Western Civilization to conquer the world.

Not accepting that we are all equal in the eyes of God just leads to the chaos that we have today. Capitalism will eventually crush any discrimination. If you do not use a brilliant brain, just because it is in a female body or any other reason, you are going out of business.

The Tempter, or just ego, lets people with low self-esteem fool themselves into thinking that they are better than somebody else. No, you are not! God provides unconditional love, you should really focus on the four goals. America would be better. The world would be better.

All average people want a better world for our children. Everybody should be working to obtain a better world.


Ocean Park

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