After reading the article about Martin Jones, I feel compelled to come forward and correct misinformation in the article.

I was with Scott Johnson when he got shot. At no time have I ever said that Martin Jones was not the shooter. I have always told the same story. A person approached me and asked what I was doing as I loaded Mrs. Jones’ car onto my wrecker. Twenty minutes later the same person walked up behind Scott, wrapped his arm around Scott's neck and shot him with a .22-caliber pistol.

I was unable to identify the shooter as it was dark and it happened very quickly. Scott was the one that identified the shooter as Martin Jones.

My statement has always been the same person that approached me prior to the shooting was in fact the same person that grabbed and shot Scott.

I had a sketch artist attempt to draw a composite off my memory. When he was done I told him the drawing looked nothing like the guy I saw.

I have never told anyone that Martin Jones was not the shooter. A private detective came by my shop several months ago and tried to get me to lie. I kicked him out of my shop and as he left he yelled out thanks for saying Martin wasn’t the shooter. I never told him this but I did take the time to record our conversation and will post it on YouTube.


Ocean Park

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