I support Frank Wolfe in his bid for another term as Pacific County commissioner. In his eight years in the position, Frank has demonstrated his broad knowledge of county issues/needs and his reasoned, fact-based decision-making skills. He truly listens to all sides of an issue and to his constituents.

In this time of uncertainty because of covid-19, I, for one, welcome Frank’s leadership in our local government. He knows our laws, he discovers the facts, and he acts accordingly. We need leaders who not only have our immediate issues in mind but the long-term ones as well. Right now, among other things, he is working to get us better access to high-speed broadband internet service and living wage jobs and careers, while also overseeing the county’s response to the pandemic.

Being a commissioner is not an easy job, but Frank has a demonstrated record of being up to the task. Let’s reward experience and reason and care for Pacific County — vote for Frank Wolfe for county commissioner!


Ocean Park

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