End Planned Parenthood funding

I recently learned that to destroy a bald eagle egg would cost a $250,000 fine and time in prison. I certainly appreciate and honor our nation emblem, and would not ever like to see an eagle or its eggs destroyed. What I wonder is, why or how is an eagle of so much more value than a human life.

We give more protection to a bird’s eggs than we do unborn babies. The information we have received recently concerning Planned Parenthood is appalling! If we deny the facts of this, we have our heads buried in the sand. If only one of the videos, showed only one person relating what they do with unborn babies, there might be reason to doubt the facts. There are several people recorded who report what Planned Parenthood does. I say, God forgive us for sitting back and allowing our tax dollars to support such atrocities. Let’s stand up and let our government leaders know we do not want our tax dollars used to fund Planned Parenthood. Cut the funding now!

Donna Oatfield-Gillock

Long Beach

‘Aid in dying’ law is abused

In response to “Death With Dignity shouldn’t be only for the elite” (Nov. 18), the statement that there have been no assisted suicide abuses in Oregon and Washington is contradicted by numerous cases uncovered by mainstream media or reported in journals. Some of them have been compiled with references here tinyurl.com/op3f8b3.

The state reports don’t reveal these abuses because the statute is designed to a) limit the information given to the state, which only comes from the prescribing doctor and pharmacy, and b) omit any authority for the state to investigate. One thing the state reports do reveal is that about half the reported deaths occurred with no health provider present. Without an independent witness, there’s no evidence that the person actually self-administered the lethal drugs or even that the person knew and consented at that point in time. The law’s blanket immunity is a recipe for abuse.

Diane Coleman

Rochester, New York

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