Keep locals in charge of SMP

An article in last Thursday’s edition of the Wahkiakum County Eagle concerning the Shoreline Master Plan (SMP) would have readers believe that there was a positive consensus between the members of the initial Wahkiakum County Shoreline Advisory Committee and the Wahkiakum County Planning Board. Nothing is farther from the truth.

While we all want clean air, clean water and a healthy environment, the challenge that occurs is in the accomplishment of this goal.

The Department of Ecology (DOE) would attempt to accomplish our shared goal with methods that would result in forced, punitive requirements, and rules that clearly rise to the level of eminent domain/taking of private property without compensation.

Those in opposition of the DOE methods of protecting our environment would instead achieve our shared goal through education. Families that have lived in Wahkiakum County for generations already know what works and how to be good stewards of the environment. I believe the county citizens can create an SMP with a common-sense approach coupled with all science, not just politically motivated or profit-driven science.

The Wahkiakum County Planning Board presented many concerns to the DOE, only to be shot down. We were told numerous times that if we did not, “stay within the goal posts,” and recommend the plan CREST wrote to our commissioners, “something worse would be forced upon us.”

Residents would have been proud of your county commissioners as they met in a work session the morning of Tuesday May 9. They expressed serious concerns with the plan, but they will need our support to fight it. Watch your mailboxes for a letter from the County Real Property Rights Advisory Board. It will further explain the impact this will have on your property — and what you can do to support our commissioners in their effort to protect our county.

Lily Kolditz

Member of the Shoreline Advisory Committee

Member of the County Planning Board

Chair of the County Real Property Rights Advisory Board

Mr. T and temptation

We are witnessing an interesting phenomenon in our public life. One in which the newly elected president decides how he will conduct himself, and how much he will be inconvenienced by the demands of his office.

In times past, it was considered obligatory that the president-elect provide the people with full disclosure of his assets and liabilities, and rather than raise the specter of partisanship in his business dealings, place all tangible assets in trust until his term of office expires.

This was expected, because it would be considered both bad form and ungentlemanly to use the highest office in the land as a profit making enterprise. That was, until Trump. Apparently Mr. T has never seen a conflict-of-interest that he doesn’t like, unless it is one from which he will not profit.

Divestiture was not instituted solely to deprive Donald Trump from his share of whatever spoils are laying around, but is an attempt to keep the president’s attention on the considerable affairs of the country, which he is obligated to address.

We, the unwashed, feel that being in charge of the richest and most powerful country in the world is quite enough for one man, and if done properly, leaves no time for other considerations. In fact, if done to the fullest extent necessary, it would leave no time for sleep. This may seem a bit harsh, but our country and the world are facing some of the most demanding and crucial times in history.

Decisions made by this president in concert with other world leaders will determine how well we address the rapidly burgeoning world population, and how we manage an ever-shrinking supply of both food and water to sustain it. These are not easy questions, but bear directly on how well and how long we can continue our presence on this planet.

Mr. Trump, at first blush, would not seem a prudent choice for such an undertaking. I am truly sorry that is all we have to offer at the moment, but the people have spoken, and we must all bear the consequences, be they good or bad.

Maybe the Tooth Fairy lives after all.

Jack Guyot

Astoria (formerly of Surfside)

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