Chiefs and sheriff support McClain

Four years ago I endorsed Mark McClain for prosecutor of Pacific County to replace a disorganized and ineffective prosecutor’s office. I once again lend my endorsement joining with every police chief in Pacific County and the Pacific County sheriff in supporting Mark McClain as our prosecutor.

Mark has done the job we sent him there to do. In addition to working effectively, professionally, and cooperatively with our departments, Mark has also brought victim services and law enforcement together, benefiting crime victims, their families, and our officers. Mark has worked to train our officers and is there night and day to assist us when needed.

Mark has held criminals accountable and put them behind bars where they belong. Mark also works to address an offender’s underlying issues, but, appropriately, he thinks first about protecting our communities before worrying about the defendant, unlike his opponent.

I personally know both of these candidates and can tell you that while I like his opponent, her campaign has consisted of half truths and partial facts in her attempts to criticize Mark’s work.

Please keep in mind she has only been out of law school for about two years and has an almost complete lack of trial experience.

Please join the law enforcement officers who do our very best to serve and protect you and your families in re-electing Mark McClain as Pacific County prosecutor.

Dave Eastham

South Bend

Yes on I-1631

This will be the first initiative on our ballot. I ask that you vote yes because there is no bad guy here. It will be a win-win commitment. We have all seen, heard and maybe even experienced the dramatic hurricanes, floods, droughts, wildfires, polluted air, warming and acidification of our oceans and estuaries, rising sea levels, and declining biodiversity. Add to that the increase of insect populations (pine beetles), deaths due to heat, social unrest and forced migrations from farms to cities, increasing asthma and rapid movement north of tropical diseases (zika). Yes, I will say it — climate that is changing so rapidly has increased the severity and duration of storms leading to loss of income and loss of life. We are already paying the price. Let’s get some help from the big emitters and make plans on how to go forward.

Amazingly, the Nobel Prize for Economics was just awarded to William D. Nordhaus and Paul M. Romer for designing “methods to address our time’s most fundamental and pressing issue: Long-term sustainable growth in the global economy and the welfare of the world’s population.” Mr. Romer states, “We can make progress protecting the environment without giving up sustainable long-term economic growth by producing new ideas and innovation.”

On Nov. 6 we have a chance to use our great minds and the technology already available to invest in our economy and environment. I-1631 is not a tax on consumers. These big emitters of carbon are asked to submit clean energy and air plans that a panel of 15 members appointed by our governor will oversee. Big emitters will submit a plan, project or activity and when qualified will then invest in reducing their carbon emissions as per their paid carbon fee. It can be wind, solar, weatherization, increasing broadband speed for telemedicine and online learning and so on. Calculation of pollution will occur by November 2019. In January 2020 each big emitter will pay $15 per metric ton of carbon. In January 2021 a $2 fee increase per metric ton will be assessed if their plan did not help to reduce pollution. This will continue until we have met the state’s emissions goal in 2035.

To assist the most vulnerable populations, 15 percent of the clean energy account would be dedicated to investments that directly reduce their energy burden. There are plans for fire suppression, flooding, public education, building materials, labor standards and reduction of poor health exposures. If new jobs and training is required, there is money there along with health benefits and wage replacement. It even allots pensions to those five years out. Elimination of a job without another one becoming available will not happen.

I stand strong for our economy and environment. I hope you do too. Vote yes on I-1631.

Martha Williams

Long Beach

Oakes will ask the right questions

Debbie Oakes, a 40-year resident and small business owner is a candidate for PUD commissioner. We need Oakes on our side as a PUD commissioner.

She will ask questions such as: could it possibly cost $15,000 to bring back power that has been turned off? What justification is there for raising our rates, when many on the Peninsula are on fixed incomes, or in lower paying positions? How can the PUD make decisions about anything without a long-term plan in place? Shouldn’t the PUD have as a goal high-speed broadband for all and be working with local agencies to make that happen? What impact will Measure 1631 have on our rates? Does the PUD know or care? If someone has a problem paying his/her PUD bill, does the PUD work with the person to figure out a way that the overdue bill(s) can be paid on time? No, the person is referred to local overwhelmed agencies such as St. Vincent de Paul to help.

I am voting for Oakes as PUD commissioner. She will ask the questions of other commissioners and the PUD general manager that need to be asked. A vote for Debbie Oakes is a vote for a commissioner who will seek input from the community and speak for us.

Janet Easley

Klipsan Beach

Oakes is perfect candidate

I choose Debbie Oakes for Pacific County Public Utility District Commissioner Position #2.

I made an effort to attend one of the “Get to know the candidates” events and surprisingly changed my choice for PUD commissioner when I met and heard from Oakes. I was struck by the thought she was the perfect candidate for position #2.

It occurred to me that we have a rare opportunity to acquire an ideal team of three commissioners — all with depth of family, local business and community history. For the first time in many years, we could have a cohesive trio of commissioners serving as an effective check and balance to PUD management.

In past years I’ve seen questionable, confusing and controversial decisions and actions by Pacific County PUD. While improved with management changes, I feel it takes a team of commissioners who share a common community culture to represent the best interests of the entire county. After all, Pacific County PUD is owned by the public.

I think with her grassroots support, Debbie Oakes would well serve as Public Utility District commissioner and as a voice of the community.

Kathleen Graham

Long Beach

McClain is the right choice

As ballots begin to arrive and you sort through the myriad of choices you must make as a voter, there is an easy choice among them. The race for Pacific County prosecutor is of paramount importance, but the choice is clear. Mark McClain has served the office of prosecutor and the citizens of Pacific County admirably during his first term and will continue to do so in the future.

I had the opportunity to have Mark work for me as a deputy in Lewis County. We spoke of leadership, vision and opportunity. I was sad to see Mark go, but was proud to see him go to the county he considered home to help protect and serve the people of Pacific County. I have watched Mark serve during his first term, I have had the opportunity to travel to Pacific County to handle conflict cases and have seen Mark or his deputies come to Lewis County to handle our conflict cases. The experience, dedication, professionalism, passion and knowledge of the law displayed are unquestionable. The results are evident. Mark and the office have set a new standard.

When you compare Mark’s experience in the courtroom to that of his opponent there is no question. Mark is the clear choice. In fact, if you look Indigent Defense Standards, Mark’s opponent does not even qualify to handle the types of cases she seeks to prosecute. When you compare Mark’s ability to navigate the difficult issues facing county government, there is no question. Mark is the clear choice.

To be successful, the Prosecutor must have a broad range of experience, knowledge, passion, dedication and understanding. Mark has all of the these in abundance. I have watched Mark in the courtroom. In fact, I was a witness in a case Mark was prosecuting. He is able to quickly and accurately assess the situation, adjust as the dynamics of a case shift and expertly handle any case in front of him.

In addition, the Prosecutor must be well versed in the varying civil issues that often present themselves at the county level. From employment issues to baseless suits against the county to the latest issues that present themselves at the drop of a hat, Mark has the experience and knowledge that allows him and his office to quickly and accurately assess and address any issue presented.

Without question, Mark is the right choice for prosecutor, the right choice for Pacific County and is deserving of your vote. I constantly tell people “we do what we do because it’s right. Not because it’s easy or popular.” Mark and his office take the same approach. A vote for Mark is a vote for excellence.

Jonathan L. Meyer

Lewis County Prosecuting Attorney

Pape is best choice

In support of Don Pape (despite Dick Sheldon’s endorsement):

My father and brother worked for the City of Seattle’s City Light Department as electrical constructors until their respective retirements. I worked for the Seattle Engineering Department until my retirement. One might say that I have front-line experience with public utilities both in scuttlebutt and personal experience. Years and years of experience!

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Debbie Oakes and listening to her platform. She’s a dynamite personality and if she was my neighbor, I’d be her best friend and admirer, whether she liked it or not. I’d want her on my side in any situation if only because she’s smart in so many ways and I think, when the chips are down, she would figure it out and come to the rescue. She’s just awesome — and she’s a woman!

I’ve never met Dick Sheldon but regrettably have experienced him in action. How painful it is to me to have to agree with him about anything! So, here I am reading a well written letter to the editor in support of Don Pape thinking, “Yep, that’s my evaluation!” only to come to the end to find the author is Dick Sheldon. Imagine my horror and dismay!

I’ve met Don Pape and listened to what he has to offer. Despite his relationship to Dick Sheldon, I find myself looking at Don Pape as “The Person for the Position” at this time. I’m not going to repeat Mr. Sheldon’s reasoning. I’m only begrudgingly stating that it’s spot on! What’s currently needed in this position is a person who knows the industry from top to bottom. We don’t need another hero/heroine; we need a good ol’ someone who has lived and breathed ‘lectricity, someone who knows facts from fantasy, the nuts, bolts, the real stuff. Anyone can read a book or take a course but practical application is still the best teacher. The knowledge is ingrained, it’s second nature and readily available in any situation.

If it was a perfect world, the PUD commission would have both Debbie Oakes and Don Pape as commissioners. A win-win situation. A tough decision but this time around I must choose Don Pape.

Karen Engstrom

Ocean Park

Souvenir: A true leader

Honorable. Respectful. Trustworthy. Intelligent. Leader. Dedicated. These are the words that come to mind when I hear the name, Robin Souvenir. I have had the privilege of working with Robin in several different capacities throughout the past 11 years, my confidence in Robin’s ability to lead an agency to success is unwavering. I had the privilege of working for Robin during my employment at the Shoalwater Bay Tribal Police Department. As my chief at the time, Robin showed genuine interest in my personal law enforcement career goals, and helped me to achieve them. Robin always inspired me to do my best. Robin holds people accountable for their actions in a constructive way that makes it easy to learn from both the bad and good decisions we make. Robin always welcomed and encouraged discussion about department topics with everyone in an effort to continue successfully developing the department. Robin makes you feel like you are a part of a team, and in law enforcement we are a team. We are a team of fellow officers, we are a team of public servants, and most importantly, we are a team with our communities. I believe Leadership is not something that can be taught. The ability to lead is something you either have or you do not have. A true leader is person people want to follow.

I look forward to seeing the positive results Robin Souvenir can achieve as the leader of this Pacific County team!

Lucas Stigall

South Bend

Vote for Mark McClain

As former prosecutor David Burke once told me, “It’s never a question of whether drugs are involved in a crime, but how they’re involved.”

Pacific County Prosecutor Mark McClain has forcefully confronted both the drug and crime problems in our county. Mark’s opponent has spent her career defending and protecting drug users from the consequences of their actions.

From my experience as a correctional counselor for the past 20 years I can attest to the fact that chemical dependency and crime are commonly interwoven. While I value community resources and diversion programs, enforced abstinence through incarceration is the only hope that many of these people have to find sobriety.

For the good of everyone Pacific county needs to elect Prosecutor Mark McClain, not a defense attorney.



Re-elect Herrera

Southwest Washington likes to send independent problem solvers to D.C. I support native Washingtonian Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler because I see her as a down to earth politician who fights for our communities by working across the aisle and solving problems.

Georgetown University is working with the Lugar Center to score members of Congress on their bipartisan work, and as they state: “a consistently high score is a strong indication that a legislator is prioritizing problem solving and open to working with the other party when possible.”

Jaime came in 15th out of the 438 members it examined. That is cool. That is what we need. ( Whether she is fighting to keep lower maternal mortality rates, protect children on Medicaid, Jaime won’t give up. She solves problems remember? I drive I-205 and sometimes SR-14 to Oregon every day. I have done this for 21 years. I pay enough. These are Southwest Washington issues! Jaime is still our best choice in November and now we have academic research to prove this. I have a bigger paycheck because of Jaime’s vote on lower taxes. I don’t want to waste it on tolls. Often in football if you are desperate you go long. Don’t go Long. Go Jaime Herrera Beutler.

Darren Shaw


Support McClain

We are writing to endorse Mark McClain for Pacific County prosecutor. He’s done a good job working to get the prosecutor’s office back on track. When initially elected he inherited a good many cases that had been poorly handled by the previous prosecutor. He inherited a climate where the county was forced to spend millions over the years due to mishandled cases, and more often than not handed out settlements because there was low confidence in the prosecutor’s ability. He’s greatly elevated the professionalism of the office to stabilize how the office functions.

We were disappointed in the thinly cloaked political advertisement [Cate Gable’s opinion column] recently in the Observer in support of Mark’s opponent. A one-sided article attacking Mark’s good actions as prosecutor with him having no chance for rebuttal. The article confuses a very inexperienced opponent’s idealistic opinions with Mark’s proven actions to better the office. If the Observer wishes to endorse Mark’s opponent, then it should do so up front instead of pretending to just be providing informative news to the public.

The programs Mark has put in place are bearing much fruit for citizens, but its going to take time to overcome years of neglect the office suffered from prior to Mark taking over. Let’s stay the course and give him a chance to make the Pacific County prosecutor’s office a once again respected and beneficial service to the law-abiding citizens of our communities. Vote for Mark McClain.

Brian, Marilyn and Jeb Sheldon

Ocean Park

Elect Nogueira Maneman

I am writing to encourage you to vote for Pam Nogueira Maneman for prosecutor. What I hear about Pam is she is young and energetic and has forward thinking ideas but she’s never been a prosecutor, she lacks experience. Haven’t we all been frustrated by that issue in looking for a job?

Pam is intelligent (she finished UW law school in two years instead of three), she is hard working, she is community oriented and she believes in following best practice (doing what is proven to work). She will surround herself with folks who will make up for her lack of experience, she will work well with others, she will be open to new solutions, she will be tough when she needs to be but the most important, she will be fair and just.

Everywhere you look people are running for office who have not had that job before. Inexperience is not a reason to deny Pam your vote.

Drug addiction is a huge problem in our county (and the cause of most crime). Most people have family members or friends who are destroying lives with their addiction. If we are unwilling to do what has been proven to work in other places, that won’t change.

There are other reasons I am supporting Pam. I always read the write-ups from the prosecutor’s office although I didn’t realize they were written by the prosecutor. What stuck me about them is that it is always about giving the longest sentence possible, about pleading for a felony in order to get drug treatment with the goal of punishment not rehabilitation.

The question is, will we as a community continue to throw the book at people and throw out proven solutions to helping these addicts who will return to live here when released? Will we continue to do what we’ve always done, getting the same results? Or will we look forward and choose ways proven to work?

The best justice is that which punishes when deserved and rehabilitates when possible. A vote for Pam is a vote for a better way forward. Please find more information about Pam on pamforprosecutor by searching on Facebook or Google.

Denise Garoutte-Bell


Elect Republicans

I would like to respond to Mr. Robert Brake’s article entitled, “Call for resiliant resistance” in the Oct. 17 edition of this paper.

I agree with Mr. Brake’s reference to the “Living in turbulent times.” We are, and it could get worse. I was surprised to see him make reference to President Theodore Roosevelt, a Republican and one of our finest presidents and citizens this country has ever produced. More than being merely “resilient,” he was an achiever who brought our country up onto the world stage, becoming a major player in world events. Mr. Brake’s references to President Roosevelt’s health issues was an “educational moment” for some people.

But shame on you, sir, for attempting to utilize an accomplished former Republican president to attack our present Republican president to further your present Democrat/socialist/communist agenda through insidious innuendo. It just doesn’t wash. Too bad you couldn’t find a credible Democrat to use as an example.

Mr. Brake is attempting to convince potential voters that the Donald Trump administration is a bad thing. Therefore you should not vote for any Republican candidate, which would enhance and support Trump’s successes. Mr. Brake did not care to include any degree of qualification in his slur against President Trump. His article is timed to persuade potential voters to vote for Democrat candidates in the mid-term elections.

This is the most important mid-term election that I will have ever voted in.

It will be a seminal moment in our historic republic’s history. Simply stated, it will be the decision of Mr. and Mrs. America to either vote to continue our historic republic by voting for Republican candidates, or voting for Democrat candidates who all stand for fundamentally degenerating our republic and culture into the black hole of their socialist “Paradise,” not ours. They offer nothing but hatred for Trump. A vote for any Democrat candidate is a vote for higher taxes, open borders, rejuvenated “Obamacare,” higher unemployment, more government regulations, continued attacks on gun rights and other civil rights, hard-core socialists in charge of governmental agencies and in powerful positions.

There is no middle ground with the present Democrat leadership. They must be defeated. If they win key positions in our Congress, the progress we have made under the Trump administration will be stopped.

The present Democrat leadership is under the control of left-wing wackos/liberals/progressives and socialists/communists. The reality of who they are was exposed during the recent Supreme Court justice hearings. I hope Mr. and Mrs. America will remember that performance on voting night. I hope they have been able to see through all of the dishonest “fake news” generated by the main stream media in direct collaboration with the Democratic Party. We have been purposely bombarded with lies and distortions from these two connected elements to undermine the Trump administration and its continuing successes. It is their continuing mission to persuade voters to vote for Democrats. The Democrats are painfully aware that if their party loses in this election, they will lose much of their power, which is what all of the obstructionism is ultimately about.

This is a “call to action” in hopes that Mr. and Mrs. America will vote to save our republic by voting for Republican candidates. Do it!

And Mr. Brake, I think Teddy Roosevelt would turn over in his grave if he knew you attempted to use his good name and reputation to further your agenda.



Oakes will work for what’s right

I am writing to ask your support of Debbie Oakes for PUD commissioner for Pacific County. She has been a resident of Pacific County for over 40 years, a business owner, community volunteer and understands the unique needs of Pacific County. Debbie is an honest and trustworthy person who will have all of our best interests at heart. A commissioner’s role is not to “run” the PUD but to develop policy with the PUD manager and the other board members to provide the best service and rate structure for the customer. Debbie understands that role and will work hard to look out for the taxpayer and do what is right. She is hardworking and a fiscally conservative person who will always look out for our best interests. I strongly urge you to vote for Debbie Oakes for PUD commissioner.

Mike Morris

South Bend

Re-elect Wahkiakum sheriff

My purpose in writing is to express the support of my wife Dee and I for the re-election of Wahkiakum County Sheriff Mark Howie. We have watched Sheriff Howie as he has hired, promoted, and organized his staff making it a more vibrant and more responsive professional team. His ethics and sense of duty are outstanding. He was already an experienced law officer when he first came to our county. Through his personal attention to the task in the years since, he has gained significant insight in the county and its residents. That insight has helped to make him the law enforcement leader we need to address the future here in Wahkiakum county.

Along with our neighbors, we are especially pleased with the attention he and his deputies have given to the West end of the county. He is the right man and this is the right time. We hope you too will vote to re-elect Sheriff Mark Howie.

Nick and Dee Nikkila

Deep River

Proud of our hometown

On Friday night, Oct. 19, the Ilwaco High School celebrated their annual homecoming game against Raymond.

I am pleased that I was able to attend. I was very impressed with the honor and respect everyone there gave as the National Anthem was played by the Ilwaco High School Marching band and the cheerleaders unfurled the American flag. Everyone stood at attention, hands over their hearts, including both football teams. It brought tears to my eyes and even now as I write this, I had to grab a tissue. I’m sure that every hero who has gone before us, whether they served in the military, police force, EMT, etc., were watching from heaven and cheering us on.

The marching band did a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem and also other numbers. They have put a lot of time and effort into there music and it showed.

I wonder how many hours of practice the cheerleaders put into their routines. They were so in sync and together. They looked very professional.

The football team showed great sportsmanship. They didn’t win the game but they are winners.

We may be a small school, and a small town but we have big hearts. I’m honored and proud to have witnessed this special event.

Donna Oatfield-Gillock

Long Beach

Vote with care on I-1639

Before all of the rhetoric and fear-laden ad campaigns that are both for and against ballot measure I-1639 begin, we, the board of the Willapa Harbor Gun Club, who have shown leadership around responsible ownership and safety since club’s inception, wanted to also show leadership here by informing our community about the facts of I-1639 so that you can make an informed decision about how this measure will impact your lives.

This measure raises the age for anyone to purchaser a firearm to 21 and redefines what it means for a rifle to be considered an “assault rifle.” The new definition will now include any firearm which uses energy from a spent round to chamber another round regardless of caliber or the design of the firearm. That means a 10/22, something most young people use to shoot a .22 round would now be consider an “assault rifle.” So, regardless of design, any semi-automatic rifle, including shotguns, would, under this initiative, be an “assault rifle.”

To purchase any “assault rifle” the purchaser would have to provide the seller of notification from the chief law enforcement officer in the jurisdiction where you reside, that you are eligible to posses the firearm. The seller would have to verify that you have completed a firearms safety class within the last five years, with a certificate that the course taught proper storage, the dangers of suicide, and you received a cautionary statement about the dangers of firearms possession.

The firearm would have to be sold with a trigger guard or locking storage device and notification that improper storage could result in a class C felony offense. There will be a fee through the Department of Licensing to ensure compliance with this measure, and the legislation permits an increase in the fee to cover the cost to administer this legislation. While we understand some will be strongly for and some strongly against this legislation, we want you to know that we are here to provide you the facts, and just the facts, about this initiative.

While we are discouraged by many aspects of this measure, in particular the definition and massive expansion of what it means to call something an “assault rifle,” we want to encourage everyone to become informed about responsible gun ownership and use and exercise caution when storing a firearm. Firearm ownership is an important right, that right comes with responsibilities, including the responsibility to know and understand the laws, and those laws which are proposed.

Be involved, be informed, and be a responsible gun owner by getting active in your local gun club.

Board of the Willapa Harbor Gun Club

Vote for Pape

For the past four years, I have been involved as a concerned citizen, along with several others, to try to understand what’s happening at our PUD. My main concern is that very large amounts of money were being spent on projects that seem impractical and unnecessary.

We now have two commissioners who share the same practicality and concerns as I do. Now we need to elect a third person who understands our utility and how to make it work in the best interest of its customers — us.

Don Pape has the experience to step in the Commissioner role knowing how things work from the get go. He has worked in the power industry his whole life, beginning as a lineman with Idaho power to Clark Co PUD as a dispatcher and service provider. He knows the players in the power industry. He cares about the people he represents. He’s a hard worker.

Don’t we all want the Best, Most Qualified person, representing us? A vote for Don Pape is a vote of confidence that the job will be done well.

Malcolm McPhail


The Buck Stops Here

As someone who is in the business of running a police department I think I have an idea of some of what it takes to be successful at it. One thing that is needed is leadership and the willingness to say the “buck stops here.”

The Pacific County Sheriff’s Department needs leadership. It needs someone to say “I’m responsible - the decision was mine to make and this is why I made it the way I did.” I don’t see that in the current sheriff. What I hear people say most of the time is this, “Scott is a nice guy but....,” then some sort of concern or criticism is made. The most common one is he does not lead or take responsibility.

I think that a change is needed in the leadership of the sheriff’s department. I think that Robin Souvenir can be the agent for that change. I believe that Robin Souvenir will make a good leader and a good sheriff. He has been a road deputy and also an administrator. He knows what is needed to be an effective sheriff.

Please join me in voting to elect Robin Souvenir as our next Pacific County Sheriff.

One other thing needs to be said. I hate what I just wrote about Scott. I have worked with Scott since I first started as a cop in 1987. We have both been in dangerous situations together through the years. I have broken bread with Scott and we have been friends. When Scott was shot I sat with him in the emergency department and talked and talked to him to keep him awake. I sat there and prayed that this trooper, who I counted as a friend, would not die. I was thankful that he lived. But sometimes hard things have to be said and this is one of those time. Lord I hate politics.

Flint Wright


Reelect McLain

I have lived in Pacific County for 50 years. I have been in law enforcement for 31 years, 29 of those years have been in Pacific County. I have been a chief of police for 14 years. I believe I have the experience and knowledge to know what kind of prosecuting attorney we need.

I endorsed Mark McLain four years ago for Pacific County Prosecutor and I am proud to endorse him once again. He has done an amazing job as an advocate for the victim and for law enforcement. He has earned another four years as our prosecutor.

People talk about supporting law enforcement and I am grateful for that. If you really want to support law enforcement in Pacific County and truly help victims of crimes, please vote for Mark McClain. To do otherwise will cut the feet out from under those who are in the day-to-day business of trying to enforce the criminal laws of the State of Washington.

This may not be “politically correct” but I’m going to say it: There are people in this world who seek to harm you either by stealing from you or by physically hurting you. The job of law enforcement is to try to stop criminals before they act and, failing to do that, to build cases against criminals to try and bring them to justice. For years we did our job but had a prosecutor who didn’t do his — everyone knew that. Now we have a prosecutor who does his part in putting the bad guys away. He does it very well. The bad gys know it and the defense attorneys know it as well. I want you, the voter, to know it to. Please vote to reelect Mark McLain as Pacific County Prosecutor.

Flint Wright


Vote McClain, Souvenir

It is my pleasure to support and endorse both Mark McClain for prosecutor and Robin Souvenir for sheriff. I have had the privilege of working very closely with Mark McClain over the years in the prosecution of criminal cases that I have been involved with as a sheriff’s deputy. I have found Mr. McClain to be extremely competent and effective as our county’s prosecuting attorney. He has a very in-depth knowledge of criminal law and a very successful strategy and balance towards crime and punishment. McClain has a passion for public safety and creating safer communities and I have seen first-hand his success in that endeavor. Be assured, you can sleep better at night knowing that Mark McClain is at the helm of the prosecutor’s office. He is a trusted and proven leader and well respected by law enforcement and our local courts.

Robin Souvenir has a vision for bringing unity to the sheriff’s office and other departments and agencies within Pacific County. I agree with his approach in changing the culture of the sheriff’s office through team work and leading from the bottom up by getting staff more involved in decision making and ownership of the job. This change is needed and comes at a time when there will be significant turnover from upcoming retirements in the months ahead. Strong leadership through creating a positive work environment will be crucial in recruiting new talent and qualified applicants to fill these positions. I have come to know Chief Souvenir as a public servant who tells the truth and relies on common sense and a strong work ethic to solve problems and get the job done. Let’s vote to put Robin Souvenir in a position to make the changes needed for a thriving Sheriff’s Office and safer communities.

Sean Eastham


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