Enthusiasm greets Ocean Park efforts

You have to love when a plan comes together. That is exactly what happened last Thursday night when 23 Ocean Park area residents gathered to discuss the possibility of creating a community group dedicated to the well being of their town. Many topics were discussed in a meeting that lasted almost two hours. As in many first encounters, and especially when the group is comprised mostly of strangers, a bit of reserve was on hand. However, that hesitation to speak up quickly dissipated as those attending realized they shared many common interests, concerns and willingness to work. The original Village Club, which came into existence in 1932, was based on finding a group of doers and not complainers. That tradition was upheld last night.

A brief list of the topics discussed included:

• Research and make sure there are no restrictions or objections to using the original name “Village Club.”

• Work for the benefit of the community. Areas are yet to be defined, but some of the ideas were: hands-on and community sparkle, volunteer support of existing events, county coordination, education support, housing and mental health concerns, helping neighbors, trash pick-up, promote “shop local,” Beach to Bay trail completion and enhancement, and tsunami awareness.

• The importance and benefits of creating a sense of community and knowing your neighbors was discussed. The weight of an organization with a single voice was also discussed.

• Monthly meetings and the possibility of dues led to a brief discussion on club structure.

• Community organization vs. being a non-profit group to be considered and researched.

• Unanimous decision to hold a second meeting on Jan. 11, 2018 at 6 p.m., once again located at the Ocean Park Fire Hall.

The range of experience, talent and willingness to work together was wonderful. There were people attending who had just recently moved to the area and others who have lived and worked here for decades. The first steps were taken and there is anticipation and excitement for the future. Look for a reminder announcement in the Chinook Observer Community Calendar for the Jan. 11, 2018 meeting or request to be added to our mailing list by emailing chabon@charter.net. Thank you to the Chinook Observer for their support.

Bonnie Lou Cozby

Ocean Park

GOP tax plan is a rip-off

I am responding to your Guest Columnist Nan Malin’s curious defense of the GOP tax plan. I hope she is just as completely trusting of her and her children’s and her grandchildren’s ability to pay back this $1.5 trillion in borrowing from their futures. And I hope her progeny don’t own their own homes and don’t owe any education loans, because their interest on these loans or mortgages will no longer be a deduction under the new GOP tax plan and is currently be proposed.

How happy it is for her to be able to believe that when our country’s corporations get this huge tax relief bonanza they will cause it to trickle down to more jobs and better salaries, because she didn’t and can’t show a single instance of this ever happening in the past. Right now today, most of the country’s corporations are rolling in cash, and what are they doing with it? They are buying back their stock or increasing dividends to automatically increase its value, so that when they sell it they need only pay a 20 percent capital gains tax. And curiouser and more curiouser, they have made all the fine profits they are showing after paying a 35 percent income tax. Nan Malin doesn’t mention this success or that our current 5 percent unemployment rate is considered full employment

About the only problem Ms. Malin identified accurately is that our tax code is actually a mess. It badly needs bilateral changing, but to their shame the Republicans have barely talked to the Democrats across the isle for nine years now. It is simply filled with tax loopholes favoring income property owners, big oil, and the pharmaceutical industry to name three. I challenge her to name one tax loophole which favors the poor or the middle class. I dare her to mention subsidized health care, a benefit many in Pacific County get and need badly, which is paid for by adding 3.8 percent to the capital gains tax.

But Republicans are kind and intelligent people too, just like the rest of us, so if what I am saying is accurate, then they see and understand this very well. So what is going on? It’s very simple. They are favoring the rich simply to get their votes and the financial backing at election time, which comes with it. So, unfortunately, this whole new tax bill is a scam, a rip-off, all clothed in trying to help an economy, which already started nicely rebounding under Obama and who’s stock market is at an all time high.

Paul Christensen


Change course while we still can

We can resist. We can make phone calls, write letters, protest, march, and of course vote. But we, the everyday people of normal financial means, will always be at a disadvantage when it takes millions to run for office.

It seems to me, on this gloomy day, that the only true answer to taking back our country is to have a cap of $30,000 to $50,000 that any candidate can spend when running for office, whether it is local, statewide, or national. As long as only extremely wealthy people hold office they will continue to vote in their best interest to preserve and protect their wealth. Let’s level the playing field by setting a low financial bar that almost any candidate could meet. Let’s get the lobbyists and political action committees out of the way. Candidates would have to get out there, talk to, meet with, and engage voters in the old-fashioned way. No more manipulative and expensive TV ads.

I want all corporate- and lobby-owned politicians out! I want grassroots candidates in. I am sick at the craven self-serving tax reform bill, at the abandonment of financial and environmental protections from which 100 percent of us benefited. All of these decisions are driven by enormously powerful lobbies — the insurance industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the energy development and production industry, the corporate agribusiness industry. Enough. enough!

I fear that this country might be headed towards a violent revolution if we don’t make these changes, as life for the non-wealthy is going to get progressively worse in the decades to come, and there will be a breaking point. Let’s change course while we still can.

Gail Friedlander


Support north county animal shelter

As Christmas and the season of giving approaches I would like to ask a favor — for those hard to buy for friends and relatives how about making a tax-deductible donation to HAVA in their honor.

As 2017 winds down many non-profits, HAVA included, struggle because donations are down yet services are still needed, often now more than ever. What better time to give a gift that will really make a difference? Your donation will help feed a shelter cat, it will help bring in a mom cat and her kittens that have been abandoned in the cold and rain and provide them with vet care and a warm place to lay their heads, it will help fill the dog and cat food pantry so those that can’t afford food for their pets know that they can come to the shelter and get food, it will replenish the Frisky Fund so those animals that are injured can be treated and won’t have to face a terrible and unknown future and last but certainly not least your donations help keep the lights and heat on and the water flowing so that the shelter can provide all of these amazing services. HAVA is 100 percent volunteer and survives solely on donations to provide all of these services.

Instead of buying gifts that are never used why not a donation to HAVA in honor of a family member or friend — HAVA will even send them a card and let them know about your amazing gift — and you will know that your money is well spent and those cats and kittens are warm and well cared for this holiday season thanks to you!

If HAVA is not on your list of charities, even though we certainly hope it is, there are several other local charities that would appreciate your help this time of year as well. Willapa Harbor Helping Hands, Willapa Harbor Health Foundation and Guns & Hoses just to name a few.

Dee Roberts

HAVA Volunteer and Past President


HAVA is a 501(c)3 and is a no-kill, all-volunteer animal shelter. Help by sending a check to P.O. Box 243, Raymond, WA 98577.

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